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Samsung PS50Q97 Test for fault please


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Have got a PS50Q97 exhibiting an annoying fault that I hope some of you can test for.
On any input ie DVD, PVR or int. freeview anything with lots of white filling the screen, wide pinkish vertical bands show to the left and right of the screen.
EASY way to check yours is to go to SCREEN burn setting and select ALL White.
It is not noticeable that much if the room is brightly lit with sunshine but it is at night. Ski Sunday and just recently the "Mission to Mars" film near the end and camcorder stuff in the snow highlight it a lot, but to be fair you do not notice it much in general tv viewing apart from the odd tv add with white backgrounds.
Have an enginneer coming out Friday but would be most grateful for feedback as i do not want to get into the- have major parts fit to fix one fault only to gain other problems/loss of a great picture now scenario.
Most of the movie/dnie /enhancment stuff set to off by the way contrast at 58 sharp 10 colour normal.


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hi bigfoot47, sorry not much help. just tried the all white mode, and no pink lines.


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Cheers, just for anyone trying - on mine appears as 6"-7" wide pinkish white vertcal band on left 13" on right


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Hi Bigfoot, had my PS50Q97 for 8 days, no pink band, contrast & brightness set at 49, 100 hours on clock, using break-in DVD overnight, manufactured date is March 2008.


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Are they fixed on certain parts of the screen? If so, it's broken.

If you get pink all over the shop with whites, it means you've got the set incorrectly set-up and your white balance has too much red in it.


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No the bands are always same width in same position. Will see what engineer bod makes of it in the morning but am loathed to let the telly out of my sight!

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