Samsung PS50C7000 - pixel shift issue, leaves blank lines


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I purchased a Samsung PS50C7000 last week. Initial impression was excellent. Connected it up, including to wired ethernet and ran the firmware update on Saturday 13 November. Can't remember the version numbers but it was upgrading from something like 2.002 to 3.003.

This is my first plasma TV so I apologise in advance in case what I describe below as an issue is normal behaviour.

Issue: strange pixel shift behaviour

With pixel shift on, the screen moves at the scheduled intervals, but as it steps across or down it leaves behind a black strip of pixels. On the default setting of 4 4 4 (4 pixels hoz & vert every 4 minutes) the behaviour is as follows with aspect set to 16:9:

0 mins - screen fully filled, all pixels lit
4 mins - screen jumps to the right, one row of black pixels on the left hand side
8 mins - screen jumps to the right, two rows of black pixels on the left hand side
12 mins - screen jumps to the right, three rows of black pixels on the left hand side
16 mins - screen jumps to the right, four rows of black pixels to the left hand side
20 mins - screen jumps down, four rows of black pixels to the left hand side, one row of black pixels at the top

Not watched it any longer but assume that the cycle completes after 64 minutes. Now this means that in a given cycle of 64 minutes, the left hand row of pixels is only lit for 16 minutes (25% of the time), and the top left pixel is only lit for 4 minutes (the first four minutes).

This is my first plasma so I know very little about burn in but surely this is crazy? Isn't this going to do more harm to my screen than good? Given that it is on 16:9 mode and overscanning by about 30 pixels, surely it could use some of this extra information to light the pixels at the edges as it shifts around?

I decided to turn pixel shift off - unfortunately I can't do any further testing as at the end of day 2 (Sunday night) the TV went click and the screen went black. Repair man has declared it dead and so it's being replaced.

Personally I think the issues (pixel shift and screen failure) are unconnected.

So a question: is this pixel shift behaviour I describe normal?

And possibly a warning: if it's not normal and potentially damaging then please look out for it, especially if it's a result of the new firmware as you might not spot what it's up to before too late.




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Update: Received the replacement yesterday. Additional information:

Original firmware version is: 2010/09/09_002002
Latest firmware version is: 2010/11/04_003003

I tested the pixel shift with the original firmware version and the latest version and it performed as described in my original post with both versions. I have turned pixel shift off.

Still not sure if it is meant to operate like this but seems unlikely.

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