Samsung PS43d450A2 Still Not Working!!!!


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hi guys ive got the following tv
like it says in the top
comet came out to repair it today replaced both the Y-sus board
and the main board
and guess what it still wont work

the only way it will power on is if u disconnect the X-sus board
then it will power on with no screen
the engineer is calling back with a new PSU and the X-sus board in a weeks time

now my question is this 3 weeks with no tv based on the time they come out again isnt this a bit much for a 4 week old tv ???

shouldnt i make them replace instead of repairing it ??

the only reason why i ask this is cause do the x-sus boards go this quick and if so should i get some for when my warranty runs out lol or maybe all the boards :mad:

anyways all sudgestions are welcome guys

thanks for any u can give



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i have already demanded a replacement tv
but comet wont budge on the repairing option

do u have any ideas if the xsus would cause it to not power up when its connected ??

i get 5 clicks and then the power light flashes 3 times then goes out and does it over and over untill i unplug it

thanks for the reply martin




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I'm not sure of the law on this but do seem to remember that, if you do allow them to repair it first time round, then you can't demand a replacement after that but I am no expert, so I would recommend that you urgently speak to someone in the Citizen Advice Bureau and find out exactly what your rights are.

I'm sorry, but know absolutely nothing about the technicalities of the set, so can offer no input there whatsoever.




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thanks for the reply martin ill get on to them first thing in the morning
as im sure this isnt right somehow


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i shall keep u all posted :)


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ok well i spoke to my insurance company who replaced the tv in the begining and they are going to replace it again so thats a BIG THUMBS UP from me :)


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i agree as they said since its just 4 weeks old today they will replace it instead mind u its been down for the last 2 weeks lol

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