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Yesterday DHL just delivered my brand new Samsung PS42S5HX.
Half hour later - with all other devices connected - I was ready for the evening movie (about 2 hours long)...but...I couldn't make it.
After about 1 hour watching, both my eyes and my wife ones gave up. The reason: there is "frequency pulls" on the contrast - not the color which is awful.
Even if the is no source connected to the TV set - DVD, cable TV, etc..the pulls is still there.
With no "source, the AVI or AV2 has a black background with a "No signal" in the middle of it.
The black swift from very black to less black with about 1 second interval.
When watched the DVD program or a TV channel, it was hard to observe it...but it was there.
Once again, no color changing...just the strength of the luminosity - contrast with 1 second interval.
Please, anyone who saw this behavior before? Even if we do not refer to Samsung, but any plasma TV.
Help will be appreciated.

By the way, I call Samsung Support, here in Sweden and the said that they never heard about that before.

Thank you,



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I know exactly what you are talking about. I also bought this Samsung model and sent it back after a week. The fault you describe was also evident on my screen.
I agree that the colour (and the picture quality in general) is dreadful on this model. I spent hours every evening trying to adjust the picture to give an acceptable picture but I found it impossible, in the end my wife said that it was the worst TV she had ever seen and that we should return it and get a refund.
I also had a problem, which started after a few days, where the picture would freeze on the screen and I would have to select another source and then go back to the original source to 'un-freeze' it. Yet another problem I encountered was with the HDMI port, I had to keep unplugging and re-plugging the HDMI feed from my DVD player each time I wanted to play a DVD because the Samsung would always show 'no signal' when the DVD player was switched on initially.
I called Samsung here in the UK and listed all my problems and told them I was very unhappy with this TV, they were pretty understanding and authorised a refund from my retailer.
I am now looking at a Pioneer PDP-436XDE, much more expensive I know but I guess you get what you pay for.


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Thank you "contrast" for your input.
This only confirm what I thougt when i start the TV for the first time.



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When u start tv for 1st time?
How can u judge anything about a tv until you've adjusted it to your own settings?


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Hi johnhy .

I noticed the "pulssing" as soon as I seted the TV on.
Despite all available configutations (and I used them), the pulssing was there.
This is what I ment with the first time.


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