Samsung PS42Q97HDX - Strange Fault.


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Hi everyone. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with a problem my plasma T.V has recently developed.
Its a samsung PS42Q97HDX and it's about 16 months old. It has been fine, but lately when the television shows a full black screen there appears to be a dark shadow in the centre of the screen vertically, about 8 inches thick from top to bottom which especially stands out when watching the T.V in a dark room. I've powered the set up in the dark and it seems that when it initially starts up, the screen powers from the sides and meets in the centre. Where this meets and falls away seems to be exactly where the shadow is. This shadow doesn't seem to effect colour reproduction and is barely noticable in goog lighting conditions but is annoying the hell out of me as we watch a lot of films in the dark! I've searched the net about this problem but haven't found much information. Thanks in advance for any help!:lease:

the ceeg

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seem to be burn in or image retention. i would run anti image retention on the tv if it has it for a few hours should clear it up.



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Already tried that. I've had image retention before which went away pretty quickly. It doesn't seem to be that. Also the shape and size of the shadow certainly hasn't come from a static image.

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