Samsung PS42Q7HD with sound delay problem


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I have the above tv and it works cracking with dnie switched off.

There is one little thing that it does that kinda annoys me though, and i am wondering if there is a setting i can change in the service menu to rectify it.

Problem is the tv's own speakers are a little out of sync with any connected amp lifier. IE so if you have the amp on and the volume up on tv speakers it sounds like echos as they are just out of kilt with one another. Obviously its no serious problem but would like to know if there is anything i can do about this.


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If your amp has an audio delay function you could try adjusting it to sync with the tv, but why would you want to listen to the tv speakers over the amp and speakers? :confused:


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Yes, I have noticed this too, but I don't listen with the external speakers and TV speakers going at the same time anyway.

A delay function would be the only thing that helps (unless of course the external jack actually has sound that is ahead of the internal speakers, which I doubt).


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I've also noticed this problem, my amp doesn't have any kind of delay function so I've just turned the sound down on the tv.

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