Samsung PS42Q7HD-football flicker


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:) Hi All, When i watch Footy on Sky Sports 1 the ball seems to flicker through the air, i have a Samsung PS42Q7HD is this a common problem for all Plasma tv's or just this model ? I love the tv and wouldn't change it but just wondered if there are any settings i can change on the tv or sky box.
(hope to get Sky+ soon, my next door neighbour works as an installer but thats another story for another day)
Cheers Jimmer :thumbsup:


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I watched the c palace - leeds match the other day on the exact same set and noticed this. It seems worse when the ball is in the air with the crowd in the background. As for the question I really dont know if its a plasma thing or the set, not much help I know.


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I have the 50" version and noticed something similar when I first had the tv. I changed one of the settings in the picture menu, I think it was SMD or something like that to off and then the stuttering was no more.

I have all the picture enhancements set to off. This definitely made the football smoother and trouble free.


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Hi Bigmax,
I thought the smd (smooth motion driver) was supposed to improve fast moving images? I too have noticed slight flicker, but like previous post it only seems to happen when ball is given a 'have it" high and with crowd in b/ground!!! I'll try turning smd off, but if anyone can explain how turning off what's supposed to help I'd be interested.


Got my Samsung in time for the world cup - I have not yet got my Sky HD box it is being installed this week. I noticed the same thing with the ball in the air.

I messed around with the settings and found that turning OFF the SMD cured the problem. I have left it to off ever since.

Strange really because my understanding from the manual is that the SMD should enhance fast moving pictures. Does anyone know why it seems to have the opposite effect?

Other than that the TV is superb and I am looking forward to getting the HD box almost 3 months after ordering it.


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I think it's of general opinion that most plasmas' picture enhancements are just gimmicks and never really improve pictures or if they do it causes other problems with motion etc. Probably just best to keep everything off.

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