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First post and a request for help already!!

I ordered a Samsung PS42P2SBX on October 17th, and unlike some lucky forum members,I am still waiting for mine.....

Unfortunately in the mean time I have found that I am to be posted abroad (Antwerp - hence the name) and I was wondering what the possibilities were for taking the screen there with me??

I assume (perhaps wrongly) that the different PAL standards mean that the tuner box would not work in Belgium - does anyone know if that is correct? If it will not what are my options? Can I simply buy a video/DVD and use that as an input in to the tuner box using either SCART or RGB cables? ANy advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also Curry's seem to be trying very hard to disuade me from picking up the screen from the store and taking it away and installing it myself. They keep on saying about specialist set up, optimisation, etc, etc. Is there a problem setting a screen up yourself or are they just feeding me a line (I assume every time someone moves house they do not get their screen maker to come and move their screen for them??)

Sorry for the Newbie questions but you have to start somewhere.....


Hi Antwerpman,

You can install a screen yourself, however it will come with factory settings for contrast, brightness, gamma etc and these are not usually optimised for your room conditions.

Some people use DVD test patterns such as Avia, Video Essentials and I believe Terminator 2 and Toy Story2 have test patterns on their disk. You can use these yourself to adjust the settings, which may be worthwhile if you will move the screen often (different room conditions etc).

Others have had specialists come in and set contrast, brightness, colour tones etc and I believe this is the best way to go if you want the screen at its best, but it would probably cost about £200. I wait to stand corrected but I would doubt Currys would send a specialist to carry out this calibration, they would probably just send a delivery driver that will take it out the box for you and ask 'where do you want it mate? sign here':D

Hope this helps


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Currys actually don't use thir own delivery system for plasmas. Baron McCann IT services and Networking are used to distribute and install Plasmas. They seemed very effeicent but I prefer to setup my own systems so I can't vouch for the quality of their installations

As far as the tuner is concerned It does have vast amount of european location settings so you may well have no problems with the move. (Anologue TV is really not that graet on plasma though)


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