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Samsung ps42p2s and RGB to VGA question

Discussion in 'Samsung TVs Forum' started by DarkCactus, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. DarkCactus


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    I have had the samsumg plasma for about a year and have been reasonably happy with the performance. I read recently on this forum that an RGB to VGA converter would improve the picture quality. So I now have on trial the QED active sync RGB to VGA converter. The difference is amazing much better contrast and detail with solarization almost eliminated.

    My problem is that I cannot get the picture to fill the screen. There are small black borders at the top and bottom of the screen (about 1-1.5 cm). The settings on the panel say the VGA resolution is 800 by 600. If I use this from a PC than I can get a 'full size' picture on the screen.

    Does anybody know if this is a problem with the QED converter or if there are setting on the unit to resize the image. Will the JS converter be any better ?



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