Samsung PS42E7HD - is it HDCP compliant?


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Hi! :hiya:

My first post on avforum so please bear with me :D

I've been reading lots of previous threads for the past 2 days and just getting to know the basics on HDTV. From previous post, one of the conditions for a HD Ready TV is :

"The DVI or HDMI input supports content protection (HDCP)"

I've been offered the above brand new Samsung plasma for an excellent price of £750 (all legit). However, I've checked Samsung site and the spec states a HDMI input, but there's no mention whether it supports HDCP?

Question 1 - can someone confirm if the HDMI input supports HDCP or not?
Question 2 - I will also have sky + (sky hd in the future when price softens!) Given it's my first venture into HDTV world, would this plasma be a good purchase if it doesn't have HDCP?

The offer price is excellent, and I am very tempted to buy it asap, but I wish check if this TV is upgrade proof for at least 3-4 years.



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Interestingly HDCP is not part of the HDMI standard. Please read the EICTA literature, not some dodgy website.

However, I have never seen HDMI implemented without HDCP.


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I wanted to keep it simple as much as possible:

"With certain exceptions, nearly all HDMI devices on the market include HDCP support. DVI devices, in particular earlier versions of DVI, are more likely to lack HDCP support."

You can fine it also somewhere here:


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This was an one-off offer from a friend in the trade, he makes a few £ and I save a few £ :)

Thanks guys for all the info. above.

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