Samsung PS42D4S from currys



Can any one help, i bought my self the above plasma screen, however the first week i had it i noticed some serious solarisation on most objects being shown especially peoples faces and light and dark screen. An engineer came out to have a look and decided that it was faulty. I then received a direct replacement, this screen is also suffering from the same problems. I was wondering if any one else had this problem, as i am either very unlucky and have had two faulty units or this solarisation is a characteristic of the samsung plasma screen. If any one can help it would be much appreciated as i would possibly be after a full refund for the screen and purchasing my original choice the Hitachi PD5200 :confused:


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:mad: CURRYS :mad:

:mad: Dont talk to me about CURRYS :mad:
:thumbsdow My Currys Nightmare :thumbsdow

I refuse to buy a blank video tape or a double-A Battery from these "as :censored: oles"



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I've got a PC-TV card and if I use any other "picture quality enhancing feature" other than 2-frames deinterlacing guess what I have ? begins with a S ?

the only thing you can do that will not totally screw a TV picture is deinterlace it..that's it everything else will add artifacts in it.
And if you watch one of the longest thread abour plasmas here what you will read "solarisation problem still not fixed"

try turning off all the filters does it look as bad ? I'm curious ?
Well tomorrow I'll telle you if I've got the same problem :/

pd5200..I was gonna buy that but for the same size it's 50% more expensive here and I can't afford it anyway :(


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I'm afraid your stuck with it.I've tried every which way to get rid of solarization/banding but you can't.....sometimes it's not so bad and sometimes it's awful.Try switching DNIE off that helps although the picture will then not be as sharp.

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