SAMSUNG PS42B451B Motion Blur?


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hi all, i was hoping someone could help me :) i had a SAMSUNG PS42B451B series 4 42" tv delivered yesterday and although the picture is brilliant i seem to be getting a touch of motion blur (and i thought plasmas didn't suffer from this).

Im getting it on Xbox 360 connected up by Component. I was wondering if using HDMI would help?
Also the xbox default setting was on 1080p though the TV is 720..should i change it do you think?
Finally, are there any general settings on the TV that could help this problem?

Thanks so much in advance!


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Hey, guys sorry to bump this, im just a tad anxious :( if this issue can't be sorted im gonna have to send it back. I don't have to keep a tv that cost over £400 when its going to hurt my eyes :(

Thanks again! :)

James C

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Hey dude, im not that knowledgable but seeing as no one replied i might as well.. maybe its a phosphor trail? could be prone to it as its a pretty budget series..

change the settings to 720p as its a 720p.. see if that makes a difference - could be the tvs poor downscaling?


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All plasma TV's to my eyes appear to exhibit some motion blur, it's slight but it is there. Phosphor trail is likely adding to it too especially if there's any high contrast areas. I find motion clarity worse with 30 fps games and much better with 60fps games.

I still do a lot of gaming on a CRT monitor due to the above.

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