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Samsung PS42A410 calibration


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Hi to all :)

I have purchased Samsung PS42A410 (also called PS42C410C1 here in Serbia?!). I must say, I am amazed by picture quality, on both digital satellite and 720p content from PC. Resolution of it is 1024x768, but I have set it to 1366x768. Now, let us get to the problem ;)

When i come to 1 meter or closer to the display, i can clearly see dots "playing around"...Green, blue, i dont know what colours :) They are visible on darker areas, gray, brown, not so much on clear black. That is visible on hdmi connection to pc, i did not spend time to check it on scart or component. I have very good sight, so these dots are visible from almost 2 meters, like "non homogen" surface.

So...Is there any way to correct this? A user from another forum said he has entered a service menu with his C91 Samsung plazma, and did "calibration" option on white background, picture got clear and he got rid of these dots, but his tv was connected through DSUB with pc. Can i do this with my TV, and how can I enter service menu?

Also, what should i set on my pc? 16bit or 32bit color? 60 HZ refresh rate? Or is there any other setting that i must set or do?

This TV has been in operation for....10 hours max :) Can i expect these dots to vanish after 200 hours?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for long text ;)


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Can't correct that. It's PWM Noise, something all plasmas suffer from to varying degrees as a side effect to how they drive the phosphors.


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Ahm...And it is normal to be noticable on gray/brown and other darkER surfaces (there is no noise on black or "almost black" surfaces)? Also, there seems to be small color range on dark areas..Is this also normal? I have not tested it with dvd, only pc input. Can i expect this to became less noticeable after 100-200-300 hours of use? :)

Also, is it safe to do automatic calibration from service menu, and how to do it? hdmi connection...

thanks ;)
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Ok, no way to eliminate these dots.

Could you tell me what will i gain with calibration from service menu, on scart/hdmi connection ? And how should calibration be done?

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