Samsung PS-42P2SB (Currys/Dixons)


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Its finally here, yes after nearly 8 weeks and a short jail term for disruptive behavior the Samsung Plasma arived today. I will give you a full rundown on the picture quality etc when i have it fully integrated into my system but for those of you who where have asked me for specific info i will give the highlights below

1 Yes it does do progressive scan
2 It does have DVI input
3 the path from the media box to the screen is digital so no conversion takes place
4 No this is not the same as the Richer Sounds model the media box, stand, and speakers are all specific to this model


3 * scart
2 * Component
1 * svideo
1 * VGA
1 * DVI

Ill post some picture quality comments later



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Where is the DVI? On the media box?

Not to question what you said, but i looked all over one in currys, the actual screen had scart/svid/composite and normal vga.
What is used to pass the signal digitally? I`m curious!


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Hi Phil,
I've had one on order like yourself for about 8 weeks and am told it will be here on monday:D . I'm happy to see it accepts Prog Scan because that was the only thing I was unsure on it doing (or not). If its possible could you check to see if it accepts a PAL Progressive signal, if it doesn't I'll just get a NTSC prog play (normally cheaper).


PS. Good luck with setting it up (I know I'm gonna need it!!!):)


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The screen only has one connector which is dvi (I think as it uses same connector)

It is the media box that contains all the connection options. The model i recieved seems to be slightly diffent from the one I saw in currys. The manufacture date is 9 of November. The DVI connector is on the back of the media box next to the output for the screen!



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Ah interesting!
The one i saw had scart/svid/comp and analogue vga actually on the back of the set, which made me think...why the hell do i need the extra box?
If it has svid etc on the back then the screen must have to components to do the linedoubling...only point in tuner box is analogue tv...which u dont really want on a plasma anyway!

But if the one you got is missing those connectors then i may well need a box! hmm.

Hope ure enjoying it!


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Congratulations on the screen and I am looking forward to hearing your verdicts on the performance of the screen.

Of interest to me is if the screen can accept NTSC and/or PAL Prog Scan ?

I am slowing reaching the conclusion that I can't afford the Panny 5 Series and can't quite justify the price increase from the Sammy/LG price range for a slight PQ improvment and the fact I will have to put up with a buzzing noise from the panel!

Ooooh I suppose that leads to another question...any worrying noises coming from the panel now that you get to hear it set up in your abode as different from a shop floor/demo room?

Many thanks and good luck with your new toy! :D


The Richer Sounds models of the Sammy and LG are different to the Comet/Dixons/Currys models.

THe model numbers are different. This could explain why I was not impressed by the pic quality in Sammy Richer Sounds model and thought the Curries one was better. The signal was from a DVD player.


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Perfect timing reading this thread - just got back from having a proper look around the Samsung + Box + Speakers + Stand in Dixons in Chelmsford high street.

Must say i was very surprised as to how helpful the staff were - even though the assistant was insistant (that sounds weird in my head) that the panasonic screens weren't any better in any way - and were twice the price! luckily i had researched in advance and didn't need to take heed of what he said ;)

What we could do with now is a pdf manual for the model that's in Dixons - IIRC the manual floating around is the PS-42P2SB and the one in Dixons is the PS-42P2SBXD. It would be nice to be able to confirm what the specification differences between the models are - if there is anything apart from the inputs that differentiates the two - be it menus or features or whatever.

Obviously the 42P2SXD model has only power and DVI on the screen itself, whereas the 42P2S has power, Scart, SVideo, Composite, VGA, Serial (can't remember anything else). Phil has already listed the inputs on the XD model earlier in the thread.

Fortunately we now have a forum member with the XD model, it'll be nice to hear from someone once they get their 42P2S model. I guess the XD is the more consumer orientated unit, and the other the more Business orientated one.

Still busting to get one myself :) got a reply from richer sounds last night after i'd emailed them my phone number to find out about stock of the non-tuner model (anybody spoken to them and know? ) and got a reply to my original email from last week.

This is what i got:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for contacting Richer Sounds.

Due to the busy time of year most of stores need the Domonstration rooms for storeage. I would suggest forwarding a
telphone number and i will ask the store to call you to confirm whether they will bw able to demonstrate or not.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely

Mark Birchall

Seems a bit disappointing that at their busiest time of year (which is surely when they would need the most demos) they use their demo rooms for storage :rolleyes:

Can't wait to hear more about it



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First impressions of picture quality?

With Svideo good
With Component very good
With IScan Pro Providing progressive scan WOOOW

The results are much better than I originally thought they would be. I have only setup a test with DVD as source but the results compare to both pioneer and panasonic (albeit with slightly less dark blacks) and absolutly blow the LG away.

I have used plasma commercially for several years and even a year ago this level of perfomance would have not been possible at £6k

As to the noise issue, this set has no fans a literally is wisper quite (with the sound off i can actually here the DVD player spinning the disc.

Anyway enough of me stroking my ego an rejoicing in my buying decisions I am away to set it up properly and see if TV is actually watchable



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God stopit, im so close to buying one now lol
Moving into a flat, priority shouldnt be a plasma should it?!

Glad you like it! looks like prices/performance are becoming 'reasonable' for the more average person.


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Magsy Magsy real world considerations like being able to eat or drink should never infulence a decent technology buying decsion. My ex wife used to say similar things until I sold her on EBay(now there is a use for modern technology). Now i have so much more money to spend on toys :)



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On a more serious note if any of you intend to buy one of these sets from currys remember that the current wait is around eight weeks. I not saying it not worth the wait but with the Christmas break these times could well stretch to 10 weeks or more!

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