Samsung PS-42P2S - Who has them on display??


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As per the subject really - finally managed to get through on the phone to Richer Sounds in Romford, who tol dme that they are getting lots of interest for the LG on offer, and as such aren't stocking the Samsung instore, but have loads in the warehouse - 7days delivery on it at £2300.

I have been in Dixons to have a thorough look over the XD model with the Tuner box, but seeing as it's a different screen (DVI input as opposed to VGA DB15) i want to physically see one before i buy.

As far as i can remember, the only person i have seen posting about seeing one in the flesh instore somewhere is magsy - who IIRC saw it in Currys, but i've tried contacting all my local currys and they have said that they have the model with the Tuner box for sale.

If anyone can tell me of a major chain that has the Samsung 42" PS-42P2S on display, in the perfect world within reasonable range of Chelmsford Essex please let me know. I've tried local Currys, Comet, Dixons, Bennetts etc with no luck.

Cheers in advance



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Just spent the best part of an hour on the phone to various places trying to source a PS-42P2S (scart composite and svideo built-in)on display so i can go and have a look and see if there are any differences from the model with the tuner box and DVI input.

Currys have let me know of several local (ish) stores with a Samsung on display - including a Dixons at West Thurrock (lakeside?) but having phoned a local store who must have got one in since wednesday Currys only appear to sell the £2999 deal which includes the tuner box, speakers, stand etc.

Didn't think it would be so hard to find somewhere with a non-tuner model on display, or available for demo.

If it wasn't for my cropped hair i'd probably be tearing it out :devil:

Any idea if it's worth contacting samsung themselves? I'd imagine not - seeing as they don't have the foresight on the website to include details of varying models - i could understand it if there were several, or dozens maybe - but seeing as it isn't just a change in the bundling of accessories (inputs to the display are actually different) it seems poor to not list the models - or maybe the pdf brochures or manuals.

Recommendations? Even Richer Sounds can't get one in from the warehouse and demo it - actually, even if they had one in a box in the backroom they coudln't demo it since it's their 'busy time of year' :confused:

Anywhere in and around london would be practical for me to visit - so any independent shops/stores that you might have seen one in would be handy info too.




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why noy try tottenham court road i think they have the non tuner model on display have seen one up close and picture was good am not sure what store but might be worth a trip


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cheers derek - might tie it in with a bit of xmas shopping. wouldn't want to go all the way there just to see a screen only to find there aren't any :eek: got plenty of xmas presents to buy so i'll probably pop down.


Have you tried Richer Sounds in Colchester? When I was there last they had the Samsung in stock. Also they were the most helpful RS that I'd ever dealt with. Both Farringdon and the sales telephone line failed to return my calls. Strange considering I was trying to spend £3000+ with them.

The guys in Colchester couldn't have been more helpful. They also reduced the price of my Toshiba 42WP27 to £2999 because of all the hassle I'd had. Excellent service.


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cheers for that info shaggydragon - i'll give them a call, unfortunately not open on a sunday :( else i'd be there like a shot - not doing a lot else today since the weather's awful and now i'm getting out of all the builtup garden jobs :D

Just out of interest how long ago was it when you last popped in?When i originally started looking into getting a plasma i blew out the colchester store since they are listed as only having the 2 demo rooms - DOH! Should have called em anyway - if i had i might be catching up on my dvd watching indoors on this rainy day.

Bugger! :rolleyes:

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