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Have been mainly lurking on these forums with great interest for a couple of weeks now - can't remember who recommended them but it was a great suggestion.

I'm looking into replacing a relatively aged Sony 29" 4:3 TV set in out lounge - hooked into it are a Tivo, Sky Digibox, and on occasion a Sony VCR and a Dansai852 or Toshiba (model?) DVD player. This is the main TV watched in the house, used for maybe 6 hours a day - sometimes more.

Was looking into both Projectors and Plasmas - purely from the space saving point of view, but have blown out the idea of a projector, mainly since advice leads me to think the room is too bright - and as this is a general purpose TV closing curtains and dulling the room just isn't practical.

I've been trying to get through to Richer Sounds on the phone for a couple of days now - just constantly engaged, both on the national sales line, and the Romford store (ideally where i'm looking for a demo).

To be honest i had already been looking at the budget end of the scale - sub £3000 - and had in mind the Samsung 42", especially now that it's on offer at £2300.

Having downloaded the manual i'm now pretty confident about being able to get a screen - bring it home and hook it up to my existing kit without problem - reading through all the options on connector boards, needing a tuner/not needing a tuner, HCPCs and so on i was beginning to think i couldn't just get a screen, bring it home and plug in a Tivo or DVD player with a scart or svideo cable - finally things are getting clearer.

Only thing left is to ideally hear from someone who has one of the Samsung 42" models, know more about chance of getting one before christmas, is this a limited offer from RS, or at least likely to last the month.

I understand peoples recommendations about the panny or the pioneer equivalent models - but price and acceptable features are outweighing them here with the £2300 price of the Samsung.

What i can't believe is how expensive the mounts are 0 £150 for a basic non tilting mount seems incredible, and £200 for the samsung speakers. Fortunately i'm currently looking into other 5.1 setups to run the output of the sky, tivo and dvd playter to.

Does anyone here have any experience of making a mount themself? Seems the Samsung has 4 perfectly good mounting holes on the back of the unit - which seems well within my abilities to mount the display on our living room wall securely.

Advice and Recommendations are welcome - anyone with home experience of the Samsung i'd like to hear how you are getting on with it.

Cheers in advance



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checking back in to see if there are any replies - unfortunately not a sausage :(

is this a bad sign - that nobody seems to have a samsung 42" plasma - or maybe i rambled on too much and lost the plot in my post :)

pros on the samsung - built in inputs, great price

negatives - 'grey' blacks, quality ??

Is there anything stopping me from bringing one home and hooking sky and dvd to it? looking at the panasonics (original first choice) there's much more complication in buying one and then hooking things up to it - maybe that's just me :rolleyes:

Anyway - BUMP i guess :)


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I am waiting for delivery of a samsung. It is due wednesday and I should be able to give you an update on its quality later this week.

Your comments about mounts are well noted but let me just say that the reason the mounts are so expensive is down to two factors.

1 the market is small and the each manufacturer use a propritary mouting system which precludes many third party manufactures from entering the market
2 These things have to be very strong so they dont deform. If you want to go the DIY route remember that your screen will weigh aroung 35 KG. You will need substantial steel framing to correctly support that kind of weight.


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