Samsung 'protection' problem



My Samsung home cinema system's dvd player has locked up and displays only 'hello' followed by 'protection'. Has anybody come across this before? Somebody please help!!

Thanks :smashin:
Thanks for that Brooon. No, I am a complete tool and haven't kept the boxes! :oops:
Have you attempted to put in a multi-region hack or anything ?

What was it doing when it went wrong - what disc was in ?

Have you tried disconnecting from the power, leave it for a bit, then re-plug in and see if it sorts itself ?
im having this exact same problem. was just watching TV when it did it. anyone got any ideas?
Is it a HT-Z310R per chance i get this fault all the time i`m contacting samsung about it.
If you check the Samsung website and go to the support section for your product you will see that this is a `known` defect and advises you to contact Samsung technical support.

Good Luck !

Oh and if you search the forums you should find other post`s from members including me who have suffered from it.
Actually, I figured it out the other day.

The problem is with overheating in the main unit.

Customer service will tell you it needs to sent off to a repair technician or engineer, but it is easily fixed if you happen to have knowledge of electronic or PC repair. If you're interested in fixing it yourself. all you need to do is replace the case fan.

There is a website called 4 my samsung that has the exact parts you need for every samsung product. it cost me £25 for a new case fan but it's much better than sending it off for a couple weeks and then probably paying more.

Before opening anything up, make sure you have full anti-static equipment and only do this if you're sure you know what you're doing. if you aren't sure, then you shouldn't be doing this.

unscrew the case,
take the case off,
remove the case fan,
put the new case fan in,
screw it all back up,

make sure you have the exact same case fan. mine was 50mm x 50mm x 10mm at 12V by 0.14amps with a 2 pin connection. you can't use a PC case fan because they use 3 pin connections or molex connectors.

hope this helps.

In my own situation, I accidentally put in the new case fan the wrong way round and of course, caused the protection message. no threat - just open it back up and switch it round again. By doing it myself i had fixed it in 3 days and it only cost me £25.

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