Samsung, ProLogicII, DTS woes.


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I am new to this forum. So, I hope I am posting in the right place. I have a bit of a problem with my Samsung kit, although, I'm not sure it's a Samsung only problem. Hopefully some bright spark on here will be able to help me out!

Here is my problem.

I originally wanted to use my TV as a hub for all my AV (HDMI) equipment. So I have my Xbox360, SkyHD and Playstation3 all connected to my TV with HDMI leads. (it has 3 HDMI inputs so there's no problem there.) I then wanted to use the TV's optical output to connect to my AV Receiver/Surround Sound box.

I got this working, and whenever I change the source, the surround sound would obviously play whatever was on the TV. The thing is. It doesn't recognise it as true digital sound, and only plays it in ProLogicII. However, if I connect my device direct to the receiver, it will recognise it as DolbyDigital or DTS (depending on the source).

What's going on? Why when it goes through the TV does it not recognise whether is DolbyDigital/DTS/WMA Pro etc? This is really annoying me.

Can anyone help?

Chilly Willy

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Hi mate,

All TV's can only produce a stereo signal even if the audio source is in 5.1. This can be easily fixed by buying a switch box like this and these cables. Link Sky HD - PS3 - XBox 360 to the switch box and link that to your Home Cinema System. You still have to keep the HDMI cables connected to the TV.

Hope this Helps :thumbsup:


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Awww man, that's a bummer.

Oh well, I'll have to give it a go then. Thanks for your help buddy!

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