samsung ppm 42s3,bose 18,sky+


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i have a sony 50" rearprojection lcd in the living room with dvd and sky plus

and i am having a samsung ppm42s3 with a bose lifstyle 18

connecting the bose to the scren shouldnt be a prob

but i would like sky + plus to show on the samsung in surround sound, the main problem is the sky receiver is about 15m away from the samsung

can anyone help do i have to run a scart from receiver to samsung/bose

i understand i will have to also run a coax rf cable so i can use a magic eye

many thanks


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Have you got the Samsung display already ? I read a review where they complained about the buzzing noise it made and sure enough the one I bought sang out like a cricket. And this was with the fans turned off !

I sent it back and got a refund. Now i'll looking at Hitachi PD5200
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