Samsung PN64H5000 magenta flickering


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My 6 year-old Samsung PN64H5000 plasma t.v. has developed a flickering problem recently. It primarily manifests as a magenta color that flickers on and off. It's most visible in areas that are blurred / low contrast / subtle gradients. But it's also visible as a very slight brightness flicker in other scenes, even when the magenta cast isn't present. It happens most in bright scenes, but not always. It's also intermittent - it will sometimes go away for several minutes.

I'm sure it's not the cable, the video source, the files being played, or the HDMI input, having switched out each of these with no improvement. I've also tested changing every picture setting, turning on/off all the various processing features, resetting to defaults, etc. Lowering the brightness / "cell light" level reduces it, as does bringing up the t.v.'s menu display, but neither eliminates it. Interestingly, it continues even when the video source is paused.

It's difficult to capture with a phone camera, but the below is my best attempt. You can see the magenta cast in the brighter areas. Also typical is magenta flickr in the "fringing" around objects, where the focus shifts from sharp to blurry. Additionally, when the effect is present, I'm able to see burn-in from the on screen video playback controls more strongly.

Also, for a year or so previously, the t.v. exhibited periodic rapid flicker between image and total black when a scene switches from dark to light. Turning it off and on again would clear the flicker, and I could re-watch those scenes with no problem. But that symptom seems to have lessened / disappeared after this new magenta flicker started.

I did find threads about samsung "pink banding" on this forum, but the models mentioned, and the logic.bin files supplied, do not match my model. (Also, the magenta I see is not typically in a band, but in arbitrarily shaped areas.)

I found a thread with an image that closely matches my symptom. However, my firmware is 1006.0, which is the most recent listed on the samsung site, so I can't apply the suggested fix: Samsung Plasma Pink Smudging?

I'm trying to determine whether this is a sign the t.v. is just failing (after only 6 years?), or if it's something that's likely to be repairable.


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You’re picture is exactly what I had with my Samsung plasma (different model) but mine showed up as a green colour first, then changed to a darker red colour, I was told by John Lewis repairers it was the panel and the tv was scrapped.
Damn shame it was a fantastic tv.
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