samsung plasma

It had a pretty poor review in one of the Magazines recently, other than that I dont really know, any way I thought you were a Philips to Toshiba convert.


i am a toshiba man and its great cant find a fault with it.
but the price of the samsung just stuck out when i seen the price,
so i was just intrested in people`s thoughts the price are dropping across the board with plasma now.
which is good and bad. how long before i am not the only one out of my group of freinds with one


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Be a little wary of *cheap* plasmas ... my first was an Orion 42 (though I think it is rebadged by other 'cheap' manufacturers/suppliers judging from their pics ...

It had a very poor contrast ratio which gave severe posterisation on most colours, especially skintones and anything below 50% grey went black !!

It also could not cope with a progressive scan signal from my dvd player ... so it went back ...

Million times happier with my panny - bizarrely only £350 more expensive than the Orion (I got a full refund despite the price drop !!)


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Would this be the Samsung PS-42P2S? Now in Dixons for £2999 inc delivery. It comes with a set top box with Nicam and Teletext and 1 composite, 1 S-Video, 2 TGB.

Fanless and progressive scan, split screen, 600cd but 'only' 700:1 contrast.

Worth considering, anybody own one?


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I dont know about plasmas but I have had a CRT set for some time now from Samsung.
I encountered a problem with it and I can say that the customers service is dreadful.
It takes forever to get through to them. It took 5 months to change a tv with a problem. This was due to the fact that each time I phoned no record could be found of the previous calls. Even after getting a name of a supervisor, this person was never available.
I only mention it as I have seen a number of posts where slight plasma problems have to be dealt with by the manufacturer. I personaly would prefer the little extra for a panny or similar and the expert advice of someone like Joe.
If only I colud afford one. The other half wants a conservatory first!!


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