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    has any one got info on this samsung plasma PS42S4SX my friend sugested
    to buy this samsung iam new to plasma tv he said this is the best ever for the price and spec of this plasma please read this spec Plasma has revolutionised the way we watch TV. Whether you choose to hang your plasma TV on the wall, or let it take pride of place on it's stylish, space-saving stand, you'll be blown away by plasma's picture perfection. And whether you watch TV broadcasts, DVD movies, or play video or computer games, the result will always be the same: realism that transcends reality.

    Large Slim Screen - Stylish and space saving
    Ranging from 42" up to the Worlds largest 63" Screen with a width of only 59mm, SAMSUNG's Plasma Display Panels allow the viewer to experience the ultimate in Home Entertainment without compromising space and style.
    Included Extras


    Desk Top Stand


    High Brightness & Contrast

    Ultra Slim, Light & Thin Bezel

    Progressive Scan

    Wide Viewing Angle

    Fanless Heat Ventilation structure for pleasant watching environment
    TV Tuner
    Picture in Picture


    Resolution: 852(H) x 480 (V)
    Brightness: 1000cd/m3
    Contrast: 3000:1
    Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    Number of Colours: 16.77 Million Colours
    Grey Level: 256 Levels
    Pixel Pitch: 1.095 x 1.110
    Viewing Angle: 160 Degrees (H/V)

    Display scan: Cinema Progressive DCDi
    Picture Enhancement: DNIe
    Colour System: Auto/PAL/SECAM
    Comb Filter: 4H Digital
    Noise Reduction: Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)
    Colour Tone: Cool2/Cool1/Normal/Warm1/Warm2
    Picture Mode: Dynamic/Standard/Movie/Custom
    Custom Adjustment: Brightness/Contrast/Sharpness/Colour/Tint
    Colour Tone (PC Mode): Custom/Colour1/Colour2 /Colour3
    Colour Adjustment (PC Mode): R/G/B Adjustment
    Picture Mode (PC Mode): Custom/High/Middle/Low
    Custom Adjustment (PC Mode): Contrast/Brightness/Sharpness
    Aspect Ratio: Autowide/16:9/4:3/14:9/ Panorama/ V Zoom

    ATM, Manual Store, CH Sorting, Name/Edit, Fine Tuning
    Features /Sound
    Virtual Surround: SRS Tru Surround XT
    Audio System: Nicam
    Sound Mode: Standard/Custom/Music/Movie/Speech AVL
    Equalizer: Volume/Balance/100/300/1K/3K/ 10KHz
    Sound Output: 15W x 2

    2 Tuners PIP
    Source Selection: TV, Video, S-Video, Component ½, PC, DVI
    Size: Large Small Double

    Clock Display
    On/Off Timer
    Sleep Timer (Max 180 Min)
    On Time Volume/ Time Channel
    Features/ PC Modes
    Frequency, Phase Adjustment
    Auto Adjustment

    Features/ Other
    TTX:2100 Pages
    TTX Source Selection (Main, Sub)
    Auto Pixel Shift
    Melody On/Off
    Plug & Play
    Auto Power Off (After 15 min)
    Front Function Keys: Enter, Menu, Source, Vol, Ch, Power
    OSD: 18 Languages

    RF: 2 Tuner
    AV1 (Composite) x 2 RCA (1 Rear, 1 Front)
    AV2 (S-Video) x 2 (1 Rear, 1 Front)
    AV3 (Scart) x 1 Decoder (CVBS In/Out, RGB In, YC In)
    AV4 (Scart x 1 VCR (CVBS In/Out, YC In/Out)
    AV5 (Scart x 1 DVD (CVBS In/Out, RGB In)
    Component 1 480i/480p/576i/576p/1080i/720p
    Component 2 480i/480p/576i/576p/1080i/720p
    Digital RGB (DVI-D) x 1 (D-Sub 21 Pin), Audio (RCA)
    Analogue RGB (PC) x 1 (D-Sub 15 Pin), Audio (Phone)

    Terminals/ Output
    AV Monitor x 1 (1 Video/ 1 Audio)
    Environmental Considerations
    Operational Temperature: 0~40C
    Operational Humidity: 20~80%
    Storage Temperature: 5-45C
    Atmospherature - Operation: 700~1,114hps
    Storage: 300 ~1,114hps

    Colour: Black and Silver
    Remote Control: Model TM77
    Power Requirement: 100~240V (50/60Hz)
    Operation Power Consumption: 330W
    Stand-By Power Consumption: Under 3W
    Net Dimension (WxHxD): 1050 x 754.8 x 86
    Gross Dimension (WxHxD): 1190 x 908 x 365
    Net Weight: 36Kg
    Gross Weight: 45Kg

    Optional Extra
    Stand: SMN 4241
    Wall mount: WMN 4240
    Interior Stand: FS421
    Open Rack: TR4241

    12 Months Warranty

    Remote Control Yes
    Power Source (AC) 100~240V Free Voltage (50/60Hz)
    Warranty 12 Months
    Type Plasma TV
    Dimensions WxHxD 1050x754.8x86
    Screen Size 42 Inch
    Screen Type Plasma Display Panel
    Resolution 852x480
    Contrast Ratio 3000:1
    Brightness 1000cd/m2
    Extra Features DNIe Picture Compensation, 2 Tuners built In
    Weight (Kg) 36kg
    Colours 1,677 Million Colours (256 grey levels)
    Pixel Pitch 1.095x1.110
    Digital Comb Filter 4H IC
    Colour Temp Adjust Normal/Cool1/Cool2/Warm1/Warm2
    Noise Reduction Digital Noise Reduction
    Picture Mode Custom,Dynamic,Standard,Movie (PC:Custom,high,middle,low)
    Sound Output (Watts) (RMS)15W + 15W
    Sound Mode Yes (Custome,Standard,Music,Movie,Speech)
    3D FX System SRS tru Surround XT
    Graphic Equalizer Yes
    Picture in Picture Yes
    PAP Yes
    Cooling System TBC
    Picture Compensation DNIe
    Auto Pixel Shift Yes
    Auto Power off Yes (about 15min)
    Screen Mode Autowide,Wide,Panorama,Zoom1,Zoom2,16:9,14:9,Normal
    ON/OFF timer Yes
    Sleep Timer Yes (Max 180 min)
    PC Signal input TBC
    Picture Freeze TBC
    Brightness Adjustment Yes
    Contrast Adjustment Yes
    Scart 3X
    Tuner 2 Tuner Built in
    Video In/Out Yes
    Terminals Video (RCA) x 2, S-Video (S-VHS) x 2, Scart x 3, Component x 2, DVI-D x 1, 15 Pin D Sub
    Aspect Ratio 16:9
    Stereo/Mono Nicam/A2 Stereo
    Power Consumption 330W
    Stand Desk Top (Included)
    Teletext Yes TTX 2100 Pages
    Plug and Play setup Yes
    Viewing angle(H:V) 160:160
    Colour System Auto/PAL/SECAM
    Scan System Cinema Progressive
    Standby Consumption
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    It's ok, not that great. You could do much better with a Panasonic, NEC, Pioneer or even LG.
  3. Kakihara

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    Jan 28, 2005
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    Actually I ordered one PS-42S4S :

    I'm supposed to get it tomorrow or friday maybe, after much tries I couldn't find any LG 42PX11 not on display-demo and some shops didn't even want to order one ?!?! so I chose something else.

    It has :
    3 scarts 2 being RGB which is almost never the case...
    2 components never seen that in this price range (and I need 1 for xbox and 1 for ps2)
    1 audio out..always good not often found
    it has a 2 real tuners for PIP not like the LG

    for this price all the others have less connectivity , the big brands like Panasonic,Sony being the worst by far ! there's a Sony in the same size and price range near me and if you buy it you'll get 1 scart and 1 component that's it !!! lol I can't even connect my SONY DV camera with it's s-video output ?!

    I wanted a HDTV plasma but I think they are seriously over-priced compared to 852x480 plasmas..I rather buy a new exhaust for my car with the price difference :laugh:

    it will mainly be used to play PS2 gran turismo 4 when it's out
    racing games and DVDs (soon with a denon 1910 DVI)
    I only watch the news and some tv-series never movies and anyway the cable quality is cr*p where I live bulding is way too old I can't even get cable-modem internet because of LQ signals.

    I'll tell you if it's good or NOT very soon ;)
    I hope it is :rolleyes: otherwise :suicide:

    edit :
    online flash manual of it..the rear panel is something other brands could learn of...
    and I don't know what the X is...I didn't see a S4SX on samsung website ?!?!

    (hope my english is not too bad I'm Swiss)
  4. happyh


    Aug 6, 2004
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    Northants Riviera
    I had a Samsung 42v4sx and it has all the features you could want.But the picture quality was so c**p that I had to send it back.And I am not the only one who did the same.
    Do a search on this forum to find out before it's too late.
  5. digitalnemesis


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    I bought the Samsung PS42V4S and the picture looks a bit clayish at times on skin tones, but apart from that, the picture is pretty good, not excellent, but for £1500, it's a good buy
  6. hussein


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    what is the diffrent between this samsung PS42V4S and this samsung PS42V4SX can any one explain please
  7. superpixel


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    I definitely wouldn't buy a Samsung without seeing it first.

    I'm a big fan of the picture produced by some plasma TV's based on Samsung panels (Philips 42PF9946, Tiny)...the Tiny's picture - using the latest Samsung panel - is the best overall 42" SD picture I've ever seen

    However, Currys/Dixons sell a 'special' Samsung model, but it is dreadful. I frankly do not believe it can be using the same panel, as it bears not even the slightest resemblance.

    i don't know what's going on - Samsung's specs and claims cant be trusted, theyre doing something odd and/or devious. I want to see their models somewhere, as their is every chance one is a great TV, but I sure wouldn't buy blind on ANY thing for that amount of money, and especially not the Samsungs...

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