Samsung Plasma PS63B680T


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I have a Samsung Plasma PS63B680T which i have had for 2 yrs and has been very good, but i think i have had a power surge from my Virgin Media Box which had to be replaced but it seems to have taken down the HDMI port 1. does anyone know if this is an expensive repair or is it a pcb replacement job.
Anyone know of a good repair or replacement part company , near Leicester ?.

my email ken"at"k-tech.uk.com.

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It's never a good idea to post your email address on a forum.
You'd be well-advised to remove it or replace the "@" with "at" to prevent spambots.


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ktech said:
it seems to have taken down the HDMI port 1
Do you know for sure the HDMI1 input doesn't work?
A couple of things...
HDMI inputs on Samsung TVs are greyed out unless they have something plugged in to them.
If you've had a new replacement VM VboxHD, HDMI out is disabled by default...you have to select Scart or HDMI within it's setup menu.
Have you tried another piece of equipment with an HDMI connection in the HDMI1 input?

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