Samsung Plasma PS51E6500 Replacement?


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I'm potentially looking to change out my plasma to get something a bit bigger. I don't want to risk OLED and I'm looking for something around 65-75 inches for less than 1500.

My big concern is that I find the picture quality on this TV absolutely brilliant and I'm concerned I will end up with something much worse.

Has anyone any experience of changing from Plasma to LCD/LED and being happy with the new screen. Can anyone provide any recomendations?

Main viewing is from sky (not Sky Q) and netflix.


New TVs are more about the source quality than they ever were, a new, larger model like the 65" XF9005 or 65" Samsung Q8DN will give you a boost in quality when it comes to HDR and good high quality sources like Netflix or Blu-Ray/UHD Blu-Rays.

Where it won't be better is areas such as motion, viewing angles (which are much narrower on good LCDs) or for watching regular TV which by today's standards is pretty poor quality.

Most people are happy moving on from a Plasma to an LCD with motion but it does depend on the person, from a technical aspect Plasma TVs are still the kings of motion.

If you were to look at 75" models the Samsung 75" NU8000 is good value right now, but its HDR quality is average.

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