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I'm sort of disappointed with PC mode on Samsung TV's ... only native colour space of the panel is available and now I discovered that white balance settings are connected with colour saturations.
2p white balance setting under pc mode acts like saturation control for each RGB component, so if you don't want oversaturated red you'll end up with something like colour tone set to standard and in 2p WB G gain = -2, B gain = -17 which gives you white temperature around 7500K. Sure you can lower B gain more to get to 6500K but you'll get undersaturated blue.

Is there any Samsung TV which can, in PC mode run in sRGB colour space and with properly working white balance control? Maybe some UHD TV where native colour space of the panel is way too wide.


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So nobody nothing? ... let me rephrase or slightly change the question.

If you put Samsung UHD/SUHD TV into PC mode, is there any other colour space setting available than "native"? From the reviews is hard to tell, nobody really mention it.

bit of backstory:
I bought this year's best Full HD TV from Samsung which almost materialized my wet dreams about LCD panel where RGB filters with conjunction with backlight would create LCD panel with native rec.709/sRGB colour space.

Native colour space on my TV (UE48J6272 closest UK equivalent is probably J6300) looks like this

Colour space is slightly wider than rec.709/sRGB standard, in movie mode I can use custom colour space settings, but on VA panels I don't want to mix RGB components in primaries to avoid change in hue when viewed from an angle. I use custom color space settings to fine tune luminance of primaries and luminance and hue of secondaries.
On UHD/SUHD TV's they aim for rec.2020 colour space so its native colour space is much wider and much more deviated from sRGB than on my example.

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