Question Samsung Panel safe or not


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Hello guys , i cracked my Samsung 40" EH6030WXXH screen and i am searching for a replacement.
I saw this website contacted it and it say my screen will cost around 130 euro with the shipping included and only via bank transfer or post office.
lcd tv screen replacement LG - SAMSUNG . Exclusive supply service panel LCD, LED, plasma original Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips. 24-hour service on 24, send your request with the model flat: [email][email protected][/email] You will receive a reply within a few minutes. FAST SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. ( Directly from the manufacturer to the customer, anywhere in the world. )
I want to know if it a safe to buy from them. Have anyone experience with this ?

Thank you !


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I personally wouldn't be ordering from them, the only address they mention is Samsungs. If you do order make sure its using a credit card just in case.


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I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.
There's no way a manufacturer would ship a single panel to a consumer.


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Gals & Guys, stay well away! These people are a SCAM. I know I was caught out and sent them £89 to a bank address that they sent me. They didn't send an order number or anything official. They asked me for the model number etc, and the quickly responded with a one line quote. When I sent the money I went straight back to them asking for some sort of receipt/order number but for the last 6 weeks they have ignored my emails. I was done good and proper so STAY WELL AWAY> Not sure how we can get them off the Internet? Perhaps we need to flood similiar forums telling avoid? Regards Jim


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Hi guys. I was stupid enough and ordered two screens from this company. I also paid by bank transfer.......lost over £400
Feel so stupid for not doing my homework first and not paying by credit card!
I hope all the scam bastards die a slow lingering death.....Robbing bastards!!!!
Please, please people......don't do it!!!!


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Samsung Panel Beware. I am very grateful to the people who warned against using this rip off site. I was looking for a LG screen and was quoted £500 by an LG parts outlet, I can buy a new TV for £350. Am I wasting my time trying to buy this component separately ? I would also like to state that LG and other manufacturers are driving people to scam sites due to the fact that they will not supply spare parts.


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Yes, you're wasting your time replacing a screen. It's always been the case with all manufacturers that the screen on it's own as a spare part costs as much or more than buying a replacement Tv.
The only way it can be cost effective is buying one that's come from a breaker or eBay but even then you're taking a chance on being ripped off.

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