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    Just registered recently and have got a problem I am hoping some of you guys can help me with.

    In december I bought a samsung p244 divx player. It was bought mainly for the divx facility. After checking tons of reviews the samsung looked like the one to buy for the cash.

    Dvd playback is flawless, amazing depth and picture. The problems I am having are related to divx playback.

    I am having 3 problems.

    1. I get a certain amount of slight jerkiness, especially when camera pans from left to right or vica versa.

    2. Recently the .avi will stop half way through and play the next file on the disc for no apparant reason.

    3. lip sync problems- audio seems about half a second infront of picture.

    I burn all my movie files to dvd-r at 4 speed(tried 2 speed-made no difference) using nero. No multisession etc. The dvd-r media is not the issue either as it happens across all dvd-r media. I have tried flashing the firmware also and nothing has changed.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Steve :lease:

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