Samsung p2270hd cant find freeview channels


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Happy New Year everyone - hope this is in the right forum.

I bourght a Samsung p2270hd tv/monitor about a year ago, and ever since I have not been able to find freeview channels on the Television.

Instead what I have had to do, is buy a seperate Freeview box and hook it up as a component.

This means that I cant get the HD and also the misses is having a moan about how untidy it looks.

Been trying for over an hour now today - running plug and play again etc - but nothing appears to be working.

Noticed that the television is on ATV, but for some reason I cant seem to get it to digital.

Is this the problem?!


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:rtfm: It should be in the manual
Support for P2270HD

You may need to go to the 'Plug & Play' menu to repeat a first time install to tune in the digital channels.

The spec suggests it's DVB-T not DVB-T2 so it won't support Freeview HD except via an external box.

Chris Muriel

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I have a P2470HD (same chassis, larger screen); as I recall I just followed the setup guide.
You should both Digital and Analogue options in the "Channel" menu after selecting your country, followed by auto or manual tune.


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I'm please that it's not just me who struggles with Samsung stuff. I suspect that they don't test it on a non-tech public.
Some Samsung equipment puts channels in "lists". I think the lists are "Analogue", "Digital", "Data" and "All".
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