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I've had enough of my rear pro Toshiba nothing but problems from day one (colour bleed convergence geometry etc) and decided to go for plasma. I can't afford the topline Panny and so its going to be either

Samsung PS-42p2s

LG MZ-42pz10

Both are the ones available from Richer sounds as I have a digital cable box for TV.

Could anyone help me decide as the LG contast ratio is less than the Sammy but there are very few write ups on the sammy.

Also the Samsung seems to have RGB Scart but no component video input, wheras the LG has component but no scart. I intend to hook it up to my cable box (RGB Scart) and my tosh sd220e (component or RGB Scart)

Someone please give me an opinion!!!!!!!!!!!! (I don't wnat to get it wrong again!!!!!!!)
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