Samsung Note 8 screen burn.

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by scoobysmiff, Nov 1, 2018.

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      So my Note 8 has screen burn, quite severe in my eyes but non the less it can't be disputed. Took it to Samsung experience shop today and they said that becuase of a crack I the screen - a recent addition I might add, it is not covered under warranty and will cost £230 to fix. I argued they should honour the warranty as screen burn has nothing to do with the crack but they are adamant that they will not repair it. When pushed to state whether the burn has anything to do with the crack they wouldn't commit to a comment other than the warranty is void. The guy on the phone to say that the burn was probably because it was dropped by me. I know this to be absolute rubbish as it was there before I dropped it. I have now escalated my displeasure to a full formal complaint but would like to know where else I could take this, is there an ombudsmen that I could contact or is it simply trading standards?

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