Samsung Making Just scan stick on HDMI ?


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I have a scandinavian model, LE46A796R2.

It seems that it keeps forgetting the "just scan" setting I assign when I resume my HTPC. Not always but some times.

The HTPC is attached with a HDMI 1.3 cable from an Ati HD4550 to the sets HDMI2 port. I primarily use 50Hz and 24Hz, sometimes 60Hz. Thus I cannot use the set in PC mode as it has to be 60Hz to have 16x9 behave as just scan. And since our TV broadcasts and DVD´s are in 50Hz, thats a no go...

If I turn on the tv first and it looks for the signal too long, then I will certainly get the "revert to 16x9"

If I Turn on the tv and wait approx. 10sec, and then resume the HTPC it does not forget the just scan setting. Mostly...

If I resume the HTPC first and then power on the set, the video card detects the connection as DTV and not HDMI, thus loosing sound, and having to reapply the "just scan" setting again. So thats a no go too...

Can I make the just scan setting stick for good ?

Can I have a key that enables the just scan setting, not having to toggle the varous options ? (I am using a harmony remote)

Does the HDMI port have a timeout when waiting for a signal, that would cause the set to revert to 16x9 ?

Does the HDMI port have a timeout of lets say 12 hours +, so that if it have not recieved an input it reverts to 16x9 ? (Seems like it)

Does anyone know... ?

Thanks in advance....


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Have you tried changing the refesh rate in PC mode?
I have the 5 series and it will accept some different rates up to 60hz in PC mode, though it may disable some settings you use.

I had great difficulty getting my PC to work with the TV at first until I swapped to the other DVI out on the graphics card. Black screens, out of range errors, unable to find signal. It seems Windows was getting confused and trying to use plug and play settings from my previous TV. The second DVI hadn't been used before and works fine. Could be worth a try?


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I onle have one DVI port on my HD4550 and am using the ATi dongle and a hdmi 1.3 cable. This negotiates the set as a HDMI connection in my graphics control panel.

It seems to be related to the tv and the HTPC not exchanging informations in time.

This is leading to having the HTPC switch between DVI and HDMI mode, when identifying the TV.

And when it does so, the TV thinks that it has a new device connected and therefore reverts to 16x9.

So ever so often I need to change P Size back to Just Scan, very annoying.

I have tried to count the seconds I came to 10, then it would be OK to turn the set on. And then resume the HTPC, this would rersult in the set being negotiated as a HDMI connection.

But since it´s a HTPC, it also wakes sometimes to do updates or record shows.
If the Tv is off, no biggie. But if the tv gets turned on in the middle of this to eg. watch a cable show, the negotiation will be set to DVI again, resulting in a revert to 16x9...

Now I have thought of getting a DVI to HDMI 1.3 cable, this will have the set always to be negotiated as a DVI connection.
I run all audio via SPDIF to reciever anyhow, so thats not an issue.

Would this maybe cure my problem ?


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Well, nevermind my last post.
I have now done some extensive testing as for powering up the tv and the HTPC at different intervals.

It seems that the DVI vs. HDMI does not affect the TV´s ability to display Just scan. It does not matter if the tv detects the htps as DVI and later as HDMI, it still remebers the just scan setting.

Even if I resumed the HTPC 2 times with the TV off, it still remembered the just scan setting.

This is very weird I can not figure out what is causing the TV to revert to 16x9, I can have a whole day of standby and resume, without it ever reverting. Then the next day it will do it at first resume or not....

Maybe I need to log a call with Samsung, hear what they have to say.

Am I the only one ?

The thing you said about the Tv getting confused, maybe that could be the case.. I had a philips set. Maybe Catalyst as some hidden settings stored somewhere.... Well I only have that one DVI port to work with, so it better not be it..


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I've not noticed this yet on my TV but then I use PC mode for the computer and that's only got the option of 4:3 or 16:9 so the TV can't get confused :confused:

Hope you can get this sorted out somehow. :thumbsup:


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Anything new on this topic? Im having similiar problem with my setup, although my video runs through an AVR. The graphics card has hdmi and DVI outs. So its HTPC to AVR via HDMI 1.3 and then AVR to Samsung A796R2 also via HDMI 1.3.

Everything else seems to be working fine but having to use P.Size every time is plain annoying for me, not to mention the impossible task of teaching that to the rest of the family :eek:

I read several posts on this one on various forums and Samsung has been very quiet about it.


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Settings not sticking can sometimes happen if the TV has got set to 'shop mode'.
I think you can reset it (if it has) by pressing the volume button on the TV and then pressing and holding the menu button on the tv.

I've moved onto a new graphics card and now connect like you do through an amp. I also changed to using just scan and the TV still holds the settings OK for me.

What graphics card are you using?


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TV is not n the shop mode since all other setting do get saved. Im using Gainvard NVidia GTX 275. Did you upgrade your Samsungs firmware at any point. Its been a couple of months since I upgraded mine.

It still sounds a lot like TV's issue, not keeping the configuration. Then again, you never know with the modern tech how ingenious shortcuts has been made to put the new product into the market as soon as possible :D

EDIT: Upgraded Samsungs firmware, which did not fix the problem
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Yeh I think modern technology is just there to be a PITA.
I have a problem where HDMI will loose sync occasionally when you switch to watching TV and go back to HDMI.

The only other thing I can think you could try is to reset the picture options and set them up again.

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