Samsung M87. Is HDMI in-Optical 5.1 out possible?


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Basically, I know that my TV can output Dolby Digital via an optical cable with the digital tuner but should it be able to take the audio from an HDMI input (Playstation 3 and Virgin V+ box in this case) and output it to my amp in DD5.1 ? I've tried all the various settings on the PS3 and I've played with what few options I can on the TV setup menu but the best I can get via the Sony amp is Pro-Logic.

Has anyone actually done this or is it even possible ?

Any help appreciated cos I can't understand why it won't work.:(


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You need to take optical out from the sources (PS3 & Sky) into the AMP. The TV will not pass through 5.1

If you only have 1 optical into the AMP you can get a splitter link to take 2 signals in.


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S'what I had secretly feared. Oh well, optical hub it is then. As if my setup wasn't cluttered enough.:rolleyes:

Cheers anyway.

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Basically, I know that my TV can output Dolby Digital via an optical cable <snip>
I suspect the optical output is actually PCM 2.0 stereo... There are no Dolby Digital (2.0 or 5.1) broadcasts on the UK Freeview platform, so the optical output is likely to be just in stereo, as that is all that is being broadcast on terrestrial. The only broadcast sources of 5.1 Dolby Digital audio in the UK is on satellite (Sky+ HD, Sky +, Freesat HD boxes are all capable of receiving 5.1 audio on SD and/or HD satellite services) and possibly Virgin cable.

The optical output on DVB-T TVs is probably really aimed for other countries that DO, or MAY, broadcast Dolby Digital 5.1 on their DVB-T broadcasts - with the optical output allowing this to be decoded on a 5.1 surround am.p

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