Samsung M87 Explanation - Firmware and Faults ?

Discussion in 'Samsung TVs Forum' started by MurphmanL, Sep 9, 2007.

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    Can somebody explain to me just exactly what is going on with this samsung tv? So many problems it is really ridiculous! I have indeed used the search function and have read countless threads, and I do confess I am a n00b.

    I am considering buying this tv in the 40 inch variant, or the Toshiba X3030 42 inch on Friday which will be following an in-store demonstration of my Xbox 360 attached to it via component.

    I am quite concerned by what is noted in the HDTV review of 3:2 Candece Detection being crippled, in laymens terms can anyone explain to me what this will result in when watching a dvd on this set?
    The current Philips set i had claims to have 3:2 motion pulldown compensation, yet I still see judder in the backgrounds of animated films and such, and so am baffled as to what this 3:2 candece detection could stand for in this samsung model?

    Can anyone post some pics or give me an insight onto their gaming experiences with xbox 360 on this set? I believe with the gaming mode it should be pretty damn good.

    Finally, can anyone tell me how to tell which firmware version would be on a tv ? I recall reading once a way of being able to tell the sets manufacture date / firmware revision by looking at the box. However, i since haven't seen this information anywhere and cant remember how to tell. I guess I'd be looking for a firmware 1014 or 2000 set...
    I was considering perhaps checking the serial on the back of the store demo tv and that may perhaps offer a solid indication of what firmaware the stores batch will be running > possibly later still following further shipments.
    Not too fussed about the freeview issues, but am more concerned about motion handling and dvd issues because of this mentioned candece problem?

    If this tv is so bad then how comes people are favouring it and are so happy? Surely there is a samsung m87 owner out there right now who can reply to me and set me straight on the matter, defending their set with all guns blazing :p

    Its this or the tosh x3030, but for xbox 360 gaming i hear of duff component image quality @ 1080p, crippled vga input resolution, and the colours just dont appear to match the sammys!

    Help people :)

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