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Samsung M87 - 'echo' via Audio Out


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When I turn on my external Logitech Z2300 2.1 speakers, which are connected to Audio Out on my Samsung LE40M87BDX I get a nasty echo effect.
This goes away as soon as I internal mute the TV, which suggests to me the TV is adding a delay to Audio Out of a few ms :(
On my old LE32R41B, this did not happen and I'd use the TV as a kind of centre speaker with my Logitech on too.

I believe this is a fault with the TV and would like anyone else experiencing this to comment.

Also, what's Samsung's support number in the UK ?



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I experience this on my 37" M87, but this happened with both my previous TV's (old CRT's). I just figured optical sound processing on a proper amp setup is always going to better so I'm not really fussed to be honest. I don't use the TV sound at all when using the amp. I can see why it might annoy though, but I'm used to it now.

It'd be interesting to see if this happens with other makes of TV though.


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you could always buy a proper AV amp with audio delay. The Onkyo range seem the best bang for buck.


That surely only helps if the internal speakers were showing the delay - you could delay the external output to match. The other way round, it's not much use, is it - I mean, you can't make the input to the amp arrive any earlier?

Personally, I've always muted the internal speakers on any setup with external speakers, not necessarily due to any delay issues, but just that the internal speakers become so insignificant when you have a nice external setup.



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This is not a fault. All HDTVs have a delay when processing the picture, and as a result it means that the sound is out of sync with it, happening a few milliseconds ahead of what's happening onscreen.

Newer displays add a delay to the audio output to compensate for this, to keep things in sync. Some sets only delay the internal speakers, others will only delay the audio output jacks, and others will delay both.

It seems that your previous display did not add any delay, and your new one is only adding a delay to one of the sound outputs. (likely the internal speakers)

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