samsung m86 40" motion blur



hi first time posting....i bought the samsung M86 40inch and i must say im pretty gutted......i have tried all sorts of settings from threads + hdvtest.

how can i get rid of motion blur.....when people move they have a ready brek glow all around them,...its so irritating...and when the footy is on, the ball has 1 second delays when knocked up field, (thank god i dont support Bolton).

any helpers....i have Sky HD and PS3 with a Monster Hdmi, so everything is in place, but i still have this problem,,,,ps if anyone has the same with a definative, dogs balls setting please do im not convinced of the Movie Mode, as i find it too dull....not too mention all this about not haveing the proper firmware, my head is going to explode. how do i get the updated firmware.

Can some one please put me out of my misery.:lease:


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what you are describing does to me sound like the symptoms you get when "Movie Plus" is set to on there was/is a bug with some firmware version on your tv were "movie plus" would switch on even though it is set off iirc a quick fix is to have it set to off on all inputs, I would give Samsung a call and see about getting the firmware updated. only other advice I can give is keep trying on the settings front try taking the sharpness down to between 10 -20 and put energy saving to medium or high.


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