Samsung LW32A23W, my comments + questions


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I have recently purchased a LW32A23W 32" Samsung LCD. My first thoughts are it is quite impressive. DVD's play well, the picture from the Sky box is reasonable and I have found no dead pixels.
But something is still niggling me and I am still not 100% happy that it was worth the money. Samsung quote a 170-degree viewing angle. From what I can see if you move more than 40 degrees from centre the colour on skin textures is very poor and the whole picture is lighter and pale.
The manual does not cover the use of the remote control very well. There is a select button so you can control other AV pieces, although the manual does not give any codes for controlling these parts. I have since downloaded the manual for the US model and it does give some codes of major manufactures.

Some questions: -
Is the colour brightening as you move from centre normal for LCD's? ( I suspect it is)
Can anyone point me towards somewhere do download or buy a calibration DVD to set-up the picture properly?
Is there a service menu available on this model?


40 degrees doesn't sound like much but any LCD is best viewed straight on. Remembet that 170 degrees is the total from any one side. Really you can only move a max of 85 degrees in any one direction.

The LCD monitor I'm working on now realistically starts to loose some quality at 45 degrees and it is only an 18". A large LCD will be more susceptible.


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I obviously got a duff set (samsung 32 LCD).

As you said good picture but yes does reduce in quality from 45 degree.

Mine also has dead pixel, lipsync problems with picture and sound
a green discharge that lasts a second and appears intemittently eg 5-10min (not from input device as can not be recorded)

Also if you look close leaves a green shadow against a black background of the picture that was there (before the next device is swiched) on switching inbetween swiching av inputs but i am impressed with the picture espcially DVD.

Yes manual code for controling other devices is incomplete and cr*p

I hope this helps



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Cheers for all your comments. Now I have had the set for a few days I have got some of the settings a bit better. I am impressed with the picture when you watch it directly, but it is still a bit poor from an angle. I think it will be better when I move into my new house and it is mounted on the wall, it will then be a bit higher and further away.

@Azz, I have to say I have had no problems any green shadows. I use an AV amp for my sound and I have noticed some lip-sync problems but none that concern me too much.

I did E-mail Samsung support about controlling devices. I explicitly said in my mail that I had looked through the manual and eventually downloaded the US manual with some codes. They pointed me to their download site to download the manual I already have. I don't think they read my E-mail properly. At least I did get a reply in 24hrs, even though it was of no help.

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