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Does anyone have any experience with this unit? I am probably looking for a 30/32 inch LCD and the only one that has impressed me so far is the Philips 30PF9975. I am used to a plasma display and most of the largish LCDs suffer from too much motion blur for my liking. But the Samsung is seriously well-specced (and takes all sorts of inputs including DVI), has received a couple of very positive reviews, and for just under 2k comes with stand and 2 year warranty. Anyone seen one in action and does anyone know of one in decent demo facilities in the Midlands? Any suggestions appreciated.


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I saw it in curries attached to tosh 330 (Scart RGB ouT)finding Nemo dvd-good but phillips much better bur more costly and smaller

where did you see it for less than 2 grand and 2yr warranty?

also remeber to standard 15pin pc input and can not wall mount

I hope this helps?

Azz (let me know about price?)


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Thanks for that Azz. I wasn't aware that Currys had it (doesn't register on Pricerunner etc) so I will phone around. Then I can see whether it is a good bet; the extra couple of inches over the Philips might be worth a slightly poorer PQ; we need it mostly for computer and only secondly for TV/DVD. Lack of wall mounting is not a problem for us. Lack of standard PC input seems to be its only missing connection but DVI is perfect for us.

Surprisingly, Comet seem to be cheapest at 1999.99 advertised on their website - not a web special either. How much were Currys? But the Philips is available for less which must make it a good buy if the Samsung doesn't match up.

Don't know where I picked up the 2 year warranty biz - think it was one internet site but now I look again, all their TVs have this warranty. Samsung website quotes 1 year, so apologies for this.



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i went to comet kingsway derby-they have it in their superstore for £1999 as you said. Curries are 4-500 more expensive.

Never seen it attached to a dvd player via component or dvi.

If i wanted to use it to attach to my laptop (Fujitsu-seimens-amilo is there a lead that will convert my s-vid tv out, to DVI?

Let me know about the2yr gaurantee but i am with nationwide and their credit card as long as i register within 60 days of perchase it gives me an extra year for free!

I think your right size is more of an issue but i wish i could see it with the component or dvi attachment? The only thing i hate about it austheticaly is the crap LCD TV logo (Could get use to it as small) on the top LHS and the CLOTH covered speakers.



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Thanks for the info Azz. I am not sure about S-video / DVI connectivity, although from what I understand they don't sound compatible at all. I am out of the country for a few weeks but will chase the Samsung down when I get back. I'm not too hopeful though; I just demo'ed the 26 inch JVC, in anticipation of the 32 inch version, and I did like it but didn't think it quite as good as the Philips (and the Philips is just a bit too small). While the screen will be used a lot for computers, I can't bring myself to pay £2k+ for a screen that doesn't have the PQ I like with satellite and DVD.

Reading your other thread it seems like you are going the LCD route. I am used to a 42 inch plasma and this must be affecting my judgement here, and I can imagine coughing up the extra to get another at this rate. I'll see what some plasmas look like with the new laptop.


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The Samsung CAN be wall mounted. I don't know why most reviews say it can't when the Samsung website clearly details that it can be and provide details of the mounting bracket.

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