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Discussion in 'Samsung TVs Forum' started by chunkymunky, Sep 11, 2004.

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    Already got a Philips 32PF9986 wall mounted in the living room and the missus was so taken with it that she wanted to replace the old Hitachi bedroom portable with a small LCD. Found the Samsung set referred to above at PRC Direct for £329.95 - getting widescreen, 2 scarts and virtual dolby sound is pretty much unparalled for this price. Proceded to tune and wall mount the set using the One For All bracket from Argos (irritatingly not supplied with any screws!) but have noticed what I think is a problem. Not sure of the technical term but when a program changes and the screen goes black or when watching very dark scenes there is a lot of light bleed across the top and bottom of the screen - extending about 5-10mm in. Tis a bit annoying. Is this a fault with my set or normal on smaller LCDs (I don't have a problem like this with my Philips LCD).


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