Samsung LW-32A23W. DVI-I?



I have a Samsung LW-32A23W and am very happy with it. I now want to upgrade my DVD player + surround sound system, I have a Samsung HT-DB120. I have a few questions hoping someone could help. It says my LCD has DVI-I abilities, what is that? Do DVD players exsist with DVI-I? Also, it has prog.scan! What is the best way to connect my LCD to a DVD player? Thanks...


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Hi Halo,

Firstly, DVI is a digital video connection first introduced in PC to connect to the TFT screens.

There are 3 derivities of DVI.

DVI-D - Digital
DVI-A - Analogue
DVI-I - Integrated: Both Analogue and Digital.

Since your Samsung has DVI-I that means you can connect a PC with DVI out or VGA and get a DVI connecter.

In terms of DVD players, there are some with DVI sockets that use DVI-D. Your TV will take DVI-D but you must make sure you get a DVI-D cable else it might not fit the DVD player as there is a physical difference (4 pins missing) between DVI-I and DVI-D. The Denons are proof of this.

You can also get DVD players with HDMI and get a cable that converts from HDMI to DVI for not a lot of money so you can also include these Players to.

All of the DVD players I have seen up to now have Prog Scan over DVI so there wont be any more flickering of Interlace. Also, these players can upscale an image to Hi Def resolutions (This doesn't mean Hi Def material though !). It just means that it take a 576 PAL signal and puts lines in by guessing them with their surrounding lines to make up 720. Strictly speaking, your LCD screen already does this (I'm guessing it's got about 768 lines) but the ones in the DVD players are better as they are the Faroudja chips.

Be aware, there is a problem with Macroblocking on some DVD players. It seems to show up on some LCDs but not on others. Take a look in the DVD Player forum for more on this.

As for DVD Players, look at the Denon 1910 (DVI), 2910 & 3910 (DVI & HDMI), Panasonic S97 (HDMI) and Samsung 945 (HDMI), I think that's the model number but check on the website.




If this is the model i think it is its the only 32" model from any manufacturer to have DVI-I, HDMI, D-SUB and prog scan component inputs. If i am correct you might be better of with HDMI because then you'll only need 1 cable for both digital picture and audio and the cable will enable auto control of the dvd player by your remote.


Thankyou loads for all your input, it helps alot as I thought component was the best form of connection. I shall be following up your advice although money is permitting so I might have to settle for a component DVD for now but at least I know whats best for the future. Not a bad LCD TV then. Cheers.


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What do you think of this set?

How is the picture for motion blur, black levels etc?

Does anyone know if the DVI input is HDCP compliant?



I have the 26" version of the Samsung LCD and have got a HD-935 player hooked up to it with a DVI cable. The PQ is pretty awesome although I am waiting for Monster DVI cable to arrive to see whether it can actually improve it yet further.

I haven't tried it with component leads since on paper the DVI should be superior anyway.

I am only watching DVDs on it at the moment but have not seen any artifacts on the screen but the black is not the darkest. However, I have had a couple of instances where the voice and picture have de-synched requiring that I re-start the chapter again. I should be getting an AV receiver soon and will see whether having a digital source to the audio will prevent this from happening.

Overall, I would say that DVI is a very painless way to connect to these Samsung LCDs and the 935 has proven pretty good so far. (The multi-region handset hack also works a treat!).

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