Samsung LS03 65” 2019, Samsung H-950A and Nvidia Shield 2017 Sound issues


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Hoping you can please help with an issue I have running DD, DD+ and DD Atmos.

current setup:

Nvidia shield HDMI to HDMI 2 on the TV (the TV uses the Samsung connect external device).

TV then goes via the HDMI ARC cable to HDMI ARC input on the soundbar

The TV is a very late (December) 2019 model, LS0365 “the frame” Samsung.

I just bought the 11.1 soundbar and surround H-Q950

and I have an Nvidia shield 2017 model running Netflix, Prime and Disney+ (all UK subscriptions).

when I put the TV onto terrestrial mode, the TV shows it is outputting DD, with DD+ greyed out.

When I run Amazon Prime (Eg purchased JB SPECTRE), it just shows PCM, with DD and DD+ greyed out. I appreciate Prime content may not output DD+, but I would expect DD.

I’ve tried changing the input into the TV (from the Shield) from PCM to bitstream. The sound still works, but also stubbornly shows PCM output to the soundbar.

I then tried forcing the Nvidia to output a DD, DD+ and DD Atmos output (all available on sound settings, with a change from auto to manual), and flicking between bitstream and PCM.

even though the sound works, the TV refuses to recognise and output a signal beyond PCM, with both DD and DD+ greyed out.

as mentioned above, the only time DD appears is when the TV is in terrestrial mode.

Everything is upgraded to latest version, including 8.2.x on the Nvidia.

I’ve tried changing HDMI cables, to include fast Ethernet type.

I know the TV doesn’t support Dolby Atmos, because it’s not a January 2020 model (beyond frustrating), but it should be able to output DD and DD+ (Which I presume is 5.1 and 7.2). PCM I presume is a normal 2 channel basic surround.

I also believe the Nvidia 2017 supports Atmos (forums seems split on this, but it’s definitely a selectable option on the output settings), but again, it will definitely support DD and DD+.

the TV does output 4K 59.6hz automatically, so it is getting a good high res signal. I tried dropping this down to 1080p to see if the audio changed - it didn’t.

I’m now wondering whether I should put the Nvidia into the soundbar (HDMI 1) and then allow the video signal to go via the soundbar into the TV. I briefly experimented with this yesterday, but couldn’t get a picture on the TV (despite correctly setting the HDMI 1 as the input).

I’m going to try a Netflix Atmos film shortly and see if that shows any Dolby logo on the splash screen, but I doubt it will.

any other suggestions, other than a new TV and Shield?

one other QQ. A red light now appears on the front of the soundbar, even when it is in operation. It is where the white LED flash for volume up and down. It is incredibly annoying, because it suggests it is switched off and just distracts from the picture. Any idea what this actually is referring to?

maybe it’s telling me I need a new TV and shield to work properly. Annoying. And deeply frustrating.


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PS. I should add I have a PS4, which also only shows PCM output from the TV to the soundbar. I would try the PS5, but I can’t get one for love or money :)


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Ok. A quick update.
Have not changed the connections, so it is still Nvidia 2017, TV and then (ARC) soundbar

you have to have the input to bitstream from the Nvidia shield.

i then had to reboot the shield (I did this only by chance because when the shield came out of sleep it wouldn’t go higher than 720p res).

after restarting, it had bitstream, and then PCM.

started Netflix, started Taylor Swift reputation tour (as this is known Atmos capable, not because I particularly randomly chose to listen to it) and 5.1 then appeared on the splash screen (no Atmos).

after playing the video (concert stream), the dolby digital was selected. DD+ was no longer greyed out! I selected DD+, accepted the warning that this only works if the external unit supports it (it does) and then it all works.

then tried JB SPECTRE on Prime. This shows 5.1 on the splashscreen and when started it selected DD+.

I’m pretty sure I will not be able to get Atmos because the December 2019 model does not have e-ARC. and I believe you must have e-ARC for Atmos. Which basically means upgrading the TV.

I’m tempted with larger than 65”, so maybe 75 or 85.

so a few questions:

1. Is my assumption about e-ARC correct, as I really am not over the moon about replacing a tele which is not even 18 months old.

2. do I get a Sony TV, because it has Android TV built in and use the Samsung external bar?

3. or do I stick with the Samsung range, in the hope that the shield 2017 does indeed output Atmos? If I stick with Samsung TV, which model would you recommend and should I do 8K at this size? I don’t want to pay stupid money, so really no more than £3k ideally, maybe £4K.

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