Samsung LNS3241D, Is It A Good Deal??



Hello AVForum!!:hiya:

This is my first thread, might sound dumb, please take it easy.:D
I just bought a DEMO Samsung LNS3241D 32" LCD TV at FS. A new one of this TV cost $999.95, But it was the last one left in store. So, the saleman willing to give me a $150 off this demo TV. That makes it $850 Canadian!:thumbsup: But this demo TV has been on the shelf for quite some time. :nono: That gets me worry a bit..So, just for the peace of mind, I get their warranty program. Below is their price.
2yrs for $219.99 <--Saleman agree I can get it for $100!
3yrs for $239.99 <--Add $20
4yrs for $259.99 <--Add $20

I know most people doesn't buy warranty with their purchase...but I was thinking I could have the 4yrs plan at $140 to cover my demo TV, til 2011! Sounds "safe" to me.

Anyways, to make it short. I ended up paying $989.95+Tax for this TV with the 4yrs plan covering.

So, Here is the question! Is demo TV worth buying? Does LCD TV often have problems? If not.. Should I have been smarter, to just walk out the store without the coverage for $850? Please let me know your opinion?
Thanks guys.:)
I don't know about your set in particular but if there's no problems with the set I can't see any reason why you ahouldn't buy a demo - the warranty was a good idea though ;)


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