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I have had my Series 8 Samsung for only three days. I couldn’t find any helpful information on forums before purchasing it, there is more questions than answers.
I wrote this for people like me who want a good balance of SDTV, Movies and Games on their flat panel TV and want to know if the B8000 is right for them. Below are popular questions I read. Answers come from what I have seen myself on the LED TV. I am not a professional.
Every option on my Samsung is set on default apart from dynamic contrast which is set to off as I tend to watch TV with the lights off.

Picture questions:

Picture quality? Picture quality is good colour too there is mild ghosting only noticeable if u look for it mainly around small text. Watched some soaps and some footie it looks good. I have experienced lag once just hoping it’s the broadcasters rather than the 8000

Picture quality? Stunning, I watched James Bond:CR in movie mode. Picture is sharp with great colour. 24p works well making fast moving scenes judder free. I did notice a 1 second judder on slow moving panning though. Watching a whole stunning looking film with just one hiccup in not bad to me, plus my friend with me at time didn’t even notice it. What I like is the picture is so crisp that the bit at the end of the film where the bird is trapped in the lift underwater, you can see a ring around her face where she has been wearing a breathing mask between takes, never notice that before.

Lag? Played the followings games so far batman(demo),dirt2(demo),cod5, burnout, gta4, littlebigplanet. All games run fine with no noticeable lag apart from gta 4 when in the apartment or small space with a lot of detail there is lag when turning left or right. Played cod 5 split screen, spun the camera around a lot on 1080p @ 60 Hz didn't notice any lag.

You do see jagged lines? Yes some games more noticeable than others but I haven’t seen a TV what don’t suffer with this.
Response delay? I didn’t notice any time delay between the button press and response on screen.


Is there backlight bleeding? In a well lit room there is no noticeable bleeding. In a dark room there is. Can be seen if looking at a black to near black screen e.g. the credits on the Simpsons yellow text on black background the black looks blotchy and on cod5 on a black loading screen with cod logo is blotchy. On blu-ray blacks in a dark room still looks good, it’s just the boarder top and bottom looks slightly off colour. Generally for me, my experience was not ruined it’s this just things like credits and loadings screens which make it noticeable, which are not important.

Games run at 200 Hz? Most games run a 60 Hz, if the game don’t support 200 Hz it won’t run at that(I got windows vista running at 1080 @ 60 Hz the maximum refresh rate Windows allowed for 1080). I like the fact the TV automatically selects the correct hertz, on my parents Samsung you have to manually switch 100 Hz on for TV and off for games. Having 100 Hz turned on, on a 60 Hz game cause double images and off for TV causes motion blur.

About the TV

Series 8 features I like:

Volume bar. The bar is in a circle shape, looks different.
Info button - tells me the res. the Hz and time even the power being used. On TV it’s a mini guide also.
Start up info screen - when u start a game or a blu-ray it flashes up the res and Hz used.

General options. Lots of options and settings to play around with.
OK button(middle of disc) - on remote I can now press buttons 1,9 and OK button to go to that channel without waiting 2-3 seconds for it to switch.

Style of flat panel - thin and beautiful is always good.
Less heat emission - my last LCD was like having another radiator in the room. Feels more pleasant in my room now.
Less power - less power used watching and not watching TV.

I don’t like:

HDMI 1.3a - PS3 uses HDMI 1.3b meaning when I turn on the ps3 a TV with 1.3b will automatically switches to the channel the PS3 is on (Panasonic use 1.3b Samsung don’t).

HDMI slot 3, 4 - has you have properly seen the hdmi slots go up in a line and on the right side on the TV (looking at TV from behind). hdmi 1 is the lowest slot hdmi 2 the one above etc. if u want to have the TV on the stand provided u might have a problem because yours hdmi cables has to do a U-shape first then exits down the middle bottom on the set meaning I have less space cable than I thought and because you have to make a U shape hdmi 1 cable can’t be seen on the other side, HDMI 2 cable can’t be seen but really close to the edge of the set. hdmi 3 and 4 will hang out the side of the set. The only solution is buying some thin cheap-nasty cables.

Internet button - the internet options work but it’s slow. There is a second or two delays between the button press and the response on screen.

Content button - TV comes with apps like games, cooking, health tips all are lame. I checked it once won’t be checking it again.

Can’t rename label - you can chose to rename a channel from a selected bunch of names e.g. GAME but you can’t give it a personal touch by renaming it to PS3 or XBOX360

Others things:

90 viewing angle - this don’t effect me but might others in larger rooms.

Internet features - there is a hand full of apps like Texas hold em, YouTube and weather. None are great apps all having slight problems like searching on YouTube without a keyboard is not easy. Plus all apps are in full screen, I think it would of be cool if you could half the screen, half YouTube half TV.

Three blinding lights - I have read on some forums people having this problem, I think it just because the remote is not paired correctly.

Optical 5.1 surround sound - if you go PS3/XBOX360 HDMI to TV then TV optical to amp it won’t be 5.1. You have to go PS/XBOX optical to amp for 5.1, meaning the amps needs two optical slots for 5.1 TV and 5.1 games or an optical splitter.

External media – tried some .avi files streaming and flash drive, all worked fine.
Speakers – ok for TV. Ill rather use surround sound.
Tubing – handy for keeping wires tidy.

About the remote:

I like:

Big buttons, better than old Samsung remotes.
The sensor. If you’re in a dark room and your hand is near the remote, all the buttons glow orange.

The alarm. If u lost your remote hold volume down on the TV and remote will beep, though it is not very loud.

The mini remote. TV also comes with a basic remote a.k.a. pebble remote. It’s worked on my parents Samsung LCD too.

I don’t like:

The scroll. The disc in the middle of the remote can be span around when you want to pick options iPod style but it doesn’t work very well. Sometimes it needs just a light touch and the options select bar shoots off somewhere and sometimes I need to spin it 180 just to move it to the next option.

The hook! A hook thing at the end of the remote, it’s strange.

The shape. Not comfortable in the hand.

The source button, it’s an important button it should be at the top next to the TV button.


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Thanks for the 'review' like you i am not a proffesional & recently sent the same kind of question on this forum & got replies relating to why aren't you buying a Panasonic Plasma... etc.... This has been really useful & with the £200 cash back now on offer with Sumsung - you have made my mind up - You are still happy with it 2 months down the line?


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The backlight issue is still there, but have gotten uses to it now. I forget its there sometimes.

I havent used the internet options and other features since, its just a gimmick, if u have a pc you wont use these features.

Even though the light up feature on the remote is nice, it canes the batteries! Must be half way though my second set of batteries now!

Overall I am a happy with the 8000 its not perfect but it runs films and games great on it, which I wanted it for, it worth the money I spent on it.
My parents recently brought a Panasonic 42” Plasma G10 the big question is, what set is better?

That depends on what the set is used for, if u want set for a good crisp picture and a lot of colour in SD/HD-TV, SD/HD- console games and films. A connection to run movies on a usb flashdrive and tons of options the Samsung 8000 is the set for you.

If want more natural colours on all media (films,games,tv), smooth frame rates (want to run a pc at 1080x60hz,which has no lag), run film though SD card and more basic easier to use controls and options the Panasonic G10 is for you.

Please note: even though the refresh rate is better on the Panasonic, most noticeable when using a pc, the lag which I get on my two console games Command and Conquer and GTA 4 on the Samsung is also on the Panasonic too. It might be the game lagging rather than the sets.

Also please note: the Samsung 8000 viewing angle is 90 degrees and the Panasonic is angle free! This is not the case has if I am sitting at a 90 degree angle with the Samsung the picture is fine however if I sit at 90 watching the Panasonic the picture becomes double imaged, not fine!


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Saw this in curry's superstore with the £200 off

40inch looks nice and it seems a big jump in size and cost to 46.

Also heard 46'' can have more panel issues with clouding etc,
Does anyone know why that is and has anyone done a side by side with the sony Z5500.

apparently input lag on this is 30-70ms and unless samsung finally do release the 8500 its the best they do atm.



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I believe the 40 inch has LED lights are around the edge and on the 46 inch the LED lights are behind the picture and the LEDs looks like lots of boxes in rows. So the 40" looks a bit cloudy around the edges and the 46" looks a bit cloudy in a check box design.

that frame rate is with game mode off.


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Nuffsaid, thanks for taking the time to answer questions. From what you and others have said there isn't a problem with lag in gaming if the screen is in game mode. Is the picture less sharp in game mode?

Also, I was decided on getting the 46" as the 7020 picture looks great on display at Currys, but does the 46" suffer worst image problems than the 40" because of the LED light placement. I have seen some complaints from people on these forums but it is difficult to tell if its because they are are super-critical or just regular viewers.


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the picture quality is not affected with game mode on. I believe the LCD chips work harder, to keep refresh rates lower than normal with game mode on.

the backlight issue seems to vary on different panels. it seems to be luck what you get.
On the 40 inch, some people dont have the backlight problem and some can get it badly, in all four corners.
my set is cloudy in the lower right. I notice it from time to time. I dont want to replace the panel in case the new one is worse. im happy with what I got.

the 8000 is good for console games with minimum lag (not for pc games at 1080 @ 60hz)
compared with a Panasonic G10 with 600hz (more like virtual 600 hz!!). console games run the same on the G10 and the 8000(It is noticeable on pc games on 1080 @ 6ohz the G10 runs smoother)
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I'd be interesting in hearing from people without the backlight clouding issue as I'm struggling to get used to clouding on mine and wonder whether to get a replacement from Costco. They'll do it no problem but I don't want to be running back and forth to Costco with a 40" TV.

I'd just like some idea of percentage of units with the issue.

Nice review by the way, I agree with pretty much the whole thing.

The only thing I would add is that I cannot pause playback of videos using the DLNA player, have you noticed the same thing?


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I am seriously thinking of replacing my le40a856 with the 8000, just need a bit of advice. Could anybody send me a picture of the back connections as i will be mounting the tv on the wall and want to check if the position of the connection inputs is in the same area as the a856. I really don't want to chop another hole in my wall. Also does anybody know if the 8000 can be mounted on a normal bracket and what size vesa it is or do you have to buy the £150 samsung bracket.



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would be nice to see the input lag on this screen. only way to do it is to run clone mode from a PC with a CRT at the same time and choose a very low shutter speed, 1ms is good.

that way you can see how much lag there is on the actual image.

and the 60Hz thing from the PC is limited by the screen, it would be wonderful to see a 100Hz option on the input of the TV.

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