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HI all.

Just bought a new Samsung 60 inch LED TV to replace my old 42 inch Toshiba. Previous setup i had when connecting a networked PC to this was DVI-HDMI converter along with audio cables into dedicated HDMI 1 Audio feed on the old TV which worked perfectly.

New TV audio setup seems to be slightly different. Have a HDMI/DVI input which i have plugged the adapter in. Connections on the back are as attached picture.

Just would like to get working, if i need new cables or anything then thats fine.

Thanks for your help.


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HDMI carries video and audio.
Why are you referring to separate audio connections?


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DVI to HDMI carries audio? My PC is nothing new and doesn't not carry audio along that cable...


I didn't say that.
Don't converters combine the DVI video and the audio into the one HDMI plug?
What was the "dedicated HDMI 1 Audio feed on the old TV"?
The new TV should have some separate audio input that you can use.

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