Samsung LED EH5000 or EH6030

Has anyone compared the Samsung UE46EH5000 to the UE46EH6030? Or any size 5000 vs 6030?

I'm trying to work out which would be best to use mostly as a PC Monitor, but also for some TV now and then. I'm not really bothered about 3D or Smart functions.

I'd expect the 6030 to be better, but I noticed that it's a 200Hz TV compared to the 5000 at 50Hz - and in the past I've seen that this kind of processing isn't always a good thing. So at £530 and £650 is the 6030 worth paying extra for?

I also considered higher models, but that would limit me to a 40" screen.


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I have just been looking at these two models too, noly the 32" ones, but am unable to find any proper reviews of the 6030 model.
Someone out there must have a 6030 model?


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Perhaps the hardware reviewers could get in a 32EH5000 and 40EH6030?
Would be keen to see what the Direct LED brings to the pictured party (assuming panel type and quality are similar)?

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There is a thread on here about the 6030 (more the 40"). Look at my recent posts to find it.

I had one and thought it was a bit **** but I'm really fussy.

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The motion blur was terrible when I switched it on. Finally found some settings where it was better but a bit of a pain really. And SD pictures looked really bad. Worse than my 7 year old Tosh
I've taken a chance on the 6030. I doubt that motion blur will be an issue for my usage, unless it's really bad. I'll be comparing it to my current 40", so if it isn't as good then I'll have to return it and consider something else. Only one way to find out though, I guess.
have you tested it yet bluefalcon?

For my usage it's fine, but I wouldn't want to watch movies on it. Out of the box it will burn your retinas, but once the picture settings have been adjusted to a low/sensible level it's quite impressive. The detail and black levels are good, and motion seems okay to me. But like all other TV's I've seen with an increased refresh rate, it makes movies feel like a Sunday afternoon omnibus of a cheesy looking studio soap set.


had a comparison eh5000 46 and 6030 46 in store , the motion was better on the 6030 both had type a samsung panel checked in the service menu , the 5000 had a brighter more vibrant picture on the same setup but when you activated led motion plus it dimmed the screen alot , im in the same situation wether to go with the 5000 if i could put up with the motion, is the uk version 50hz native panel or will it do 60/50 as will be pc use i was running an avi from usb stick on both, the 6030 was also a nice picture but not as alive but maybe thats dur to the higher 100hz refresh?

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