Samsung Led 5 won't turn on


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I just bought Samsung UA40EH5000R and had problems with the HDMI ports. I tried to upgrade the firmware with one that "virtual_boy" suggested that was for led 5 and led 6 Samsung TV sets and after uploading the firmware via flash disk it turned off and does not go on any longer. I have tried by pushing the exit button for 30 sec, rebooting and holding the power button, key combinations i,e mute+1+8+2+power, mute+2+5+8+exit and none of them works.
Can you give me some help please to get the TV work again?
I would very much appreciate your help


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Can you link to the post where I suggest this firmware for this TV?
I don't recall posting about any TV firmware upgrades, if I did then it was probably quite some time ago and for the LE46A656 which I have.



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That's true, that's quite a long time ago. My TV set seems to be bricked now but the red light indicator is still on but when I press remote control buttons the TV set does not seem to react at all. If you know any tricks that can help repair the TV please let me know.

I have already contacted Samsung support but they recommend to check with nearest Samsung service center. Because this cases need technician check. Where I live now there is no Samsung service center.

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