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After getting a few new HDMI devices recently, I've noticed a problem with my TV - Can anyone with this model please confirm if the side HDMI input (HDMI3) is fully functional, I've had problems connecting a Sony HDR-SR12 camcorder to mine, also had problems with my HDMI equipped laptop and Samsung Blu-Ray player on the same port. They all work fine when connected to the rear HDMI 1&2 ports.

I've tried remedying this using an external ebay sourced HDMI input switch, but had the usual connection "device detection" passthrough issues that plague DVI switches unless you "direct connect". So gave up with that.

As the TV is still under warranty, I've been considering returning it as only being able to use 2 HDMI ports is going to be tough when I eventually get a SKY HD box - I'm assuming its only got one HDMI output port.

I'm not using my Samsung AV-R720 AV amp for HDMI switching... mainly because, 1) it only has 2xHDMI ports, 2) Sometimes it just wouldn't connect properly, and 3) I was fed up of the complex confusing input switching, where the Samsung amp only allows certain input groups with certain "presets". This resulted in me using dozens of remotes and combinations of options to get the right damned input on the amp - fine for me but not for visitors wanting to use the TV. So after some thinking, I'm now using a single TOSlink out from the TV to the amp, with all the devices going directly into the TV inputs instead - so whatever showing on the the TV audio wise comes out the amp.

Anyone else had similar HDMI woes with this set? Is this a common fault with side HDMI inputs on Samsung TVs? should I return the set for repair/replacement? Will Dixons replace the set with a later model or repair it, and how long might that take? Is the switching issue HDCP related via external HDMI switches?
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