Samsung LE40R74BDX not remembering settings?


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I have a Samsung LE40R74BDX but for some reason it doesnt seem to remember picture settings. I'll turn off Dynamic for TV, DTV and AUX1 (Sky) and set the PC input to 'GAME' for use with my Xbox 360 which is connected with a MS VGA cable but a day later I notice that 'GAME' mode has somehow switched off and Dynamic is back again for all TV inputs.

Has anybody else experienced this?

Im assuming im changing settings correctly, make the changes then press the menu button to exit?


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when you change a setting make sure you press the enter button (i think its called enter its the one in the middle of the direct buttons) I had the same problem but i realised i was not hitting the enter button after each change.


Sounds like Shop Mode is on. Press the menu button on the side of the set to turn it off.
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