Samsung LE40R73BDX Vs LE40M61BX - Why a £300+ difference?

Daimo B

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I asked initially the other day but after some research i've narrowed my choice down to these two screens.

But looking at the specs of each, although theres a few small extras on the M61BX, such as it comes with the light saving option, and am I right in saying it has built-in speakers and a 5 speaker surround , but is it worth paying the extra over the R73BDX model?

I ask this as we've seen a Samsung surround speaker setup, but theres no need to look at the M61BX if the speakers arn't very good and its not worth the extra £300+ odd to buy it (Speaker set we've seen is £185)/

Apart from the looks a a few small listed option differences, is there any reason to fork out the extra?

Visually we're happy with both, but if the R73 is the better screen but with toys, then surley it makes more sense to go for?

Why is there such a difference in price for not "obvious" reason?


Daimo B

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But its the cheaper model, thats why I don't understand?

I've got a price of the LE40R74 for £994.20
And the The LE40M61 is £1325.33..

Although the boys and girls in the Plasma forum are also saying go for the plasma....

Doh... :suicide:


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Well, I have the LE32R74BDX and LE40R74BDX and am very happy with them both - I highly recommend them! The R7 series is the latest LCD model from Samsung.

Here's a piccie of one of my setups: R7 and DVD-HR735 mugshot.

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