Samsung LE40R73BD



I have been weighing up the plasma v LCD issue for some time and still cannot make up my mind - I would mainly be viewing regular TV, sport and DVDs.

However, having looked at the LCD's I really like the look of the Samsung LE4073BD - compact, looks smart, but is it any good? In terms of it having only one HDMI connection am I correct in thinking this is only a problem if you want to run Sky HD and an Xbox 360?

My budget is about £1,800, so I could go for something more expensive - are there better options available?


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the xbox currently runs with component as standard with the premium package and there is a vga cable available as of yet no hdmi,
but you might want another hdmi if your going to get a hd-dvd/blu-ray player
or you could always get a switcher to switch the signal there not that deer
hope that helps


or you could buy the HD-DVD add on for the 360 once its released:thumbsup:
but other than that its a great tv pic quality is great :D
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