Samsung LE40R73BD questions, samsung owners look!


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i just bought my new TV

i am exeptionally happy with it, it is one stunning looking tele.

but what annoys me (more so my bf as he is a energy saving freak) :D is that the set is always on standby, even when hitting the off button on the TV

is there anyway to stop this, without unplugging?
(i have sky+ and switching the mains off is annoying)

also whiltst im here

i heard (somewhere in this forum) that in the service menu of the tv i should turn off something called "shop" mode (or something similar)

as this improves quality?

thanks in advance for the help



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Unless you bought it from the shop floor I doubt it'd be in 'shop mode'... but it's worth a look...

To get into the service menu put your TV into standby then press these one after the other... (it takes a bit of practice, I found that by holding the button for atleast a second worked for me)

INFO then MENU then MUTE

The press power again.

You want to go into the second option down... then in the menu you want to turn off Dynamic Dimming and Dynamic Contrast (mine was already swicthed off but it's worth checking).

A word of caution... you can only navigate the menu by pressing up and down. DON'T try to move to the next column by pressing left or right as this will change options... you'll see what I mean when you get in there.


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thanks alot

dynamic dimming was switched on but the contrast wasnt

so thanks for that

any ideas wether you can actually set it to turn off? rather than standby


I have this TV and while historcally it was always very wise to turn off a TV in standby, the manual states that the LE40R73BD uses less than 1 watt of power when in this mode. As such, I don't bother turning off at the wall, etc.

To put the 1 watt into context, a bedside lamp will use 40 or 60 watt bulbs, so you're not going to break the bank leaving it on standby!

Now, don't quote me on this, but if your unit cost of energy is £0.0888, then leaving your TV on standby for a year would cost approximately 77p!

(1 watt = 0.001 kW x 8765 (hours in a year)) x (0.0888).

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